I’ve forgotten how to relax. This is a good place to practice.

by Matt on January 8, 2008


Armed with a few hours of sleep and a bag filled with way too much camera gear I landed this morning in the Bahamas. I’ll be spending the next few days with my friend Alex as we run around putting words and images together for a project. Wish me luck, he’s a brilliant travel writer and makes me feel like my vocabulary only consists of "yay!" and "like" and "omg for reals!!"

OMG, like, it does. Ouch.

Because things have been so crazy lately (which explains the lack of posts) I’ve had a hard time unplugging my brain and just chilling. It always seems there’s something to be done and I’ve had to work hard at not working hard.  Running into locals and sharing freshly cracked coconuts or a beer or two has certainly helped. But today I discovered my new favorite snack that has made all time stand still.

Conch Fritters.

Again. Conch Fritters.


I’m simply too exhausted to describe the pillowy, fried golden goodness of this shellfish fritter that’s served with a habanero sauce, or mayo with lime, or a combination of the two. I mean, my brain is gone and I have no idea what it was but I know that as soon as I finish this post I’m walking back along the beach and helping myself to another serving with an icy cold beer before my big day of shooting commences tomorrow.

Perhaps I’ll stick some extras in my camera bag.