Stuff. Just stuff.

by Matt on January 30, 2008


Well pardon me! Turns out some chubby short brown man hasn’t been posting as often as he should, and for this, he apologizes.

Ok, enough with the third person. I feel plain awful for letting this labor of love play second fiddle when, in all honestly, I love blogging. And I miss it when I don’t do it. But I have been around, as a few of you can attest to and I hope my email responses to your questions have made their way safely to you.

And since I haven’t posted random tidbits of information in quite some time I figured today is just dandy for it, donchathink?

• Congrats to my sister Angela on her new position. She is now dealing with copyrights out the wazzooo so don’t even think of using anyone’s images or materials without proper permission, you got that? Not that you would, my dear readers. Because you’re not like that. I know this. Just sayin’.

• Yes Meg, you do sometimes look like Morticia Addams in photos. But it’s hot. Ask the goth boys.

• Sometimes you do indeed get what you ask for. I’ve been shooting for various clients on top of my regular job almost every weekend now since November, and while file management is slowly driving me crazy I wouldn’t trade the opportunity for the world!  Thank you Alex, Denise, Cindie, and Leah at Border Grill & Ciudad.

•  Speaking of work, yes, the book I worked on last Spring is actually out now. It was my first and there are a few more in the works. But you can find it here. I provided art direction and co-photographed many of the images you see with my friend Jon.  And since Valentine’s Day is coming up it might be a nice gift. Thank you, Meredith (even if I did have to buy my own copies, grrrrr nudge nudge).

David, for the love of sweets, is it February 1st yet? Jeez you’re killing me.

• I am getting ready to start my garden. I haven’t figured out what I want to grow but my short list does include zucchini and beans and tons of happy pretty flowers. And in case you didn’t know I’ve got quite the green thumb. And I might even cook my own snails again.

• I am now shooting rights-managed stock photography for Jupiter Images and while I’m all giddy about it I am a teensy bit sad that my editor Ellen is leaving for a bigger position. Because she rocks and I hope she is reading this because I love her. But then again I still get to work with Kim…I’m raising my Big Red to you right now, lady!

• Is it me or is Spring kinda sorta trickling in? It’s so hard to tell in California sometimes and I get confused. At any rate I’m excited about the prospects of little baby lettuces, spring onions, radishes, lamb, citrus, tiny artichokes, and all those sweet small fruits and veggies that Mother Nature will be bringing us in the next few weeks. Even though I’m producing a photo shoot in 3 weeks where I have to fake an outdoor late-summer party. And you wonder why I’m confused?

• Things I’m currently digging: Sia’s new album, this sweet new friend, oranges from my own tree,  Tom Ford for Men, publicists who actually write personal emails, a bag full of Texas pecans from Melissa (I LOVE YOU!), Converse sneakers, slightly longer days (every minute counts!) and as always my sweet little family.