A Simple Emoticon Would Have Been Sufficient.

by Matt on March 14, 2008

Woe is me.

My better half is at some undisclosed location across the country working with this fine gentleman and this photographic genius. And nope, I’m not being purposely vague about it and I’d tell you if I knew. Something about that stack of non-disclosure forms on our fax machine the other day prevents even me from knowing what’s happening.

But I know it’s somewhere in the middle of the country.

And I know it’s for several weeks and weeks and weeks.

And I know I shall be a bit lonely and sad and forced to cook for one.

And even though it’s only been one day I have adjusted to a big empty house. I have three mutts to keep me company after all. And just when I made peace with this reality I hear that familiar ping of a text message arriving on my phone.

And this is what I see (embellished by yours truly, natch)


Sometimes he can be so cruel.