A Simple Emoticon Would Have Been Sufficient.

Woe is me.

My better half is at some undisclosed location across the country working with this fine gentleman and this photographic genius. And nope, I’m not being purposely vague about it and I’d tell you if I knew. Something about that stack of non-disclosure forms on our fax machine the other day prevents even me from knowing what’s happening.

But I know it’s somewhere in the middle of the country.

And I know it’s for several weeks and weeks and weeks.

And I know I shall be a bit lonely and sad and forced to cook for one.

And even though it’s only been one day I have adjusted to a big empty house. I have three mutts to keep me company after all. And just when I made peace with this reality I hear that familiar ping of a text message arriving on my phone.

And this is what I see (embellished by yours truly, natch)


Sometimes he can be so cruel.


  1. says

    First Nectar & Light and now Charles Schiller! They are both so amazing. Thank you for introducing them to me. :)

    I hope that time flies for you while he’s away. His job sounds awfully exciting though!

  2. says

    Aww, Matt. Boo hoo for you. I know for a fact you can whip up something much tastier than that! If you want something cheesy (who doesn’t!), I would go for that delicious roasted feta with honey you made a little while ago. That will cheer you up! Hug, CC

  3. says

    :( Get busy in the kitchen and prepare a few gastronomic surprises for when the man comes home. XO S

  4. micha says

    if I could I just would come running over to you-to make some cheesy stuff of our own.But it’s quite far……..
    tooooooo bad!!!

  5. says

    Glad that you have 3 mutts to help ease your loneliness. If you’re still in need of company, we’re down the freeway from you , complete with 2 extra mutts and a cabinet full of potential cocktails.

  6. says

    Nothing like distance from a loved one to give you a fresh perspective on your life and all the great things they add to your life! Just think about how much fun you’ll both have when your man gets home!

    In the meantime, hang out with us Mattbites fans. We miss hearing from you on a frequent basis!


  7. Amy says

    Oh my gosh, for the love of fried cheese curds and frozen custard. I love Culver’s as I grew up in Wisconsin with one right down the street. Cheese runs through my veins. Makes me miss the land of my birth just a little bit, but this Pasadena weather of 80 degrees is much better than the heaps of snow at my mom’s house. Hope your man is having fun (but not too much fun!!) in the Midwest. I’m sure he misses you ton. Thanks for the post.

  8. says

    Fried cheese curds and frozen custard? He’s GOT to be in Wisconsin! :) Although I prefer the cheese curds fresh and “squeeky” from the farmer’s market!

  9. says

    my guess would be New Berlin, WI.
    it’s OK if I am wrong, but I grew up in Brookfield, next door to New Berlin…and well, the image of the fried cheese curds, beter described as oozing cheese from the crunchy breaded shell AND custard [no words can really describe the awesomeness!] have simply brought on a dose of home-sickness.
    I am currently living in CA and love the blog!


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