Secrets Revealed, Issue 1

by Matt on March 31, 2008


"You’re totally freaking me out."

"I can barely handle one of you, what’s this crap with 3 arms?"

"You grew another arm and you still can’t pick up your phone when I call you? You’re an ass Matt and that’s that."

These are a few of the various comments via emails I received over my last post. No no no, most were actually very sweet and nice and I thank you but it seems the three-armed Mexican trick was just a bit too much for some.

Reminds me of a trip I once took to Tijuana….Oops nevermind.

My whole goal wasn’t to freak you out nor was it meant to employ any digital shenanigans. It was solely meant to illustrate that a) for some ungodly reason the shirt I was wearing actually matched the scene, unintentionally and b) even though I was crying and sobbing and cursing my solitude I could also be my own best company. I may have been alone but I didn’t need to feel alone. Got it?


There really wasn’t any genetic trickery involved. It’s simply two separate shots that were composited in a matter of seconds. And please, if you feel a photo purist rant coming up from deep down in your soul, save it, would you? For the record I don’t dig the overuse of Photoshop either and have greatly learned to do things "in camera" as much as possible (save for the requisite color and contrast adjustments that are sometimes needed when shooting RAW files).

So there you have it.

I promise it won’t happen again.

So tell me folks, I’ve said this blog is about "food, drink, travel + photography" and yet I don’t really talk about the ins-and-outs of photography all that much. Would you wanna see more stuff behind the scenes? I’m always happy to pull the curtain back and reveal the inner workings. But it ain’t always pretty. Let me know!