In The Kitchen With Design*Sponge

by Matt on April 11, 2008

Augh! Finally! Have you seen this? I’m on Design*Sponge’s In The Kitchen this week and I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is.

I think it may have been about six months ago when Grace and Kristina asked me to submit something, but I lagged and lagged and didn’t just want to give her something I’ve run before. I felt it had to be new and original, and then I spent about the next 5 months or so trying to figure out what that could possibly be.

The idea hit me when a grower at my local farmers’ market had a box of beet greens for practically nothing. I’ve been a huge fan of beet greens for some time and was thrilled to be able to take home a nice hefty bag of those stems. Not that I don’t like the beets, but I didn’t particularly feel like roasting, ya know? And the idea was born: share one of my favorite recipe for greens. And it’s a dish that can be vegan, vegetarian or not, it’s really versatile and so completely delicious.

Remember folks, you don’t have to discard the tops of beets. Eat them!

So head on over to Design*Sponge to check it out!

And yes, that’s my home office there and me in my bathtub. I bet you had no idea I was so wacky, what, with me being Mr. Serious all the time.

* * * * * * *

As a little behind-the-scenes, here’s what it took to get the greens & polenta shot as well as an outtake.


Clockwise from top left

1. Yes, that’s my man on the floor. What he won’t do for a good picture. In this case I rushed him so that I could eat the dish which I promptly did while sitting on the garage floor. I’m so romantic.

2. A bigger view of the surface and the set tray. Don’t think those extra little bits of pancetta went to waste. They didn’t.

3. Here’s an outtake of the recipe shot. This was
my original image but I didn’t feel as if you could see enough of beet
greens. Hey, it happens.

4. Here’s the set I put together for shot before I decided to do an overhead. I have a collection of old wood that comes in handy. That big white thing is my scrim which diffuses light and creates a much softer spill. It basically becomes a big giant softbox. It’s not always necessary but the sun was pretty bright that morning.