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    Hi. I’m new to reading your blog but I thought this little video was so sweet I had to comment. What a sweet dog.

    Your blog is really great. I find it interesting for the behind the scenes shots, but also the end result of your work is really cool too.

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    Hi, Moxie! (She’s no bigger than an Apple, is she? She’s a Mac Mini!)

    XOX to you all from balmy Soquel.

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    aw, what a great video of you and moxie! can’t wait to hear about all the stuff that you’ve been busy with soon.

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    If you are going to do video posts – at least do costumes! hehe. This is a really cool way to do posts – hats off to ya Matt, you are so tomorrow.

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    Thanks for the teaser video post…And the introduction to Moxie! What a cutie! Oh, and your dog is really adorable too. :)

    Can’t wait to hear about all the great things happening for you!


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    I come from a different professional field to yourself, but I share your passion for design and food!

    Love your style dude, keep up the good work!

    Cheers, Brett.

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    Matt and Moxie, all together in one fabulously sweet video package?!

    Love it. I can only imagine what interesting things are on the Horizon. :)

  8. a.west says


    Love your blog, your photos and your passion. I wish I could meet you and I kind of did, in this post. You inspire my own photography and passion for food. Thanks!

    PPS! (please post soon!) 😀

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    Sorry to be commenting on multiple posts in the one place, Matt but…the new studio (!!!) amazing! And I just found an envelope small enough to mail Moxie in :) Let me know if you need the address 😉 Sweet video…nicely done.

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    oh my lord how fancy you are! I haven’t been able to figure out how to get typepad to post my youtube videos. You have inspired me. Perhaps with the recent youtube changes I can do it. Lov eyour blog by the way, you and it are yummy!

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    i dare predict that we will all be seeing more of you on the food network and/or the home improvement channel. keep my words. producers from either channels are presently reviewing…

    i’ve also a mollie ‘cept her name is lucca.

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