When Life Gives You Cherries

by Matt on May 24, 2008

Knock knock, remember me? I used to blog quite regularly. Ok, seriously I'll be back to it soon enough, I've just been keeping busy with work and some amazing gigs as well as trying to organize my studio. It's coming together quite nicely and the light is super fantastic. Thank you for all the well wishes and yes, when the dust settles I will have a small party. Consider yourself invited. But I must admit tt's strange to go from working in a small space to having more than enough room to move around in, and I find myself working in only a fraction of the space solely out of habit. I must remind myself that I can spread out, no need to cram.

Speaking of cramming, today was the first full day of shooting at the new studio. It was a big cherry shoot for a magazine article that won't run until next summer, but when it comes time to hand over files to the printer in April of next year cherries will be almost nonexistent. So we work ahead. And because I'm not only the client and art director but the photographer I am able to share a few of them with you now.


A yummy pork tenderloin with cherry salsa and a big happy bowl of cherries.  If you haven't guessed by now  I'm in love with the amount and quality of light my studio gets during the day and makes for happy shooting. Big overhead skylights act as a fill and all the extra space lets me put on the ipod and dance around like a total idiot. Not like I've ever done that. Twice.


This was a smoked turkey, feta and cherry salad that was absolutely delicious. Next to it is another cherry beauty shot that was styled with some antique towels my partner Adam has been collecting on his regular trips to the midwest. I freaking love these towels and they pair so well with cherries. I mean, "churries", as we've been calling them all day a la Chingy. Right thurr.


Sweet, chilly cherry lemonade and another beauty shot with an antique colander from the midwest. Had we bought that here in Los Angeles it would have been $2,980.12 I have no doubt. And as far as the glasses, I've slowly been building up my prop closet with unique tableware and antique glasses. It pays to be married to an obsessive shopper. I love you, Adam!


Will these last two shots make it into the story? Probably not but that's ok. I had to use this amazing handmade thin ceramic plate at least once and I liked the color contrast with the napkin that I dyed since I couldn't find the right purple.

Tomorrow is day #2 of the shoot and truly when we get to all the good stuff — pies, clafouti, ice cream, cherry sweets — I really can't wait.

What are your favorite cherry recipes? I'm all ears and since I have 25 lbs of cherries leftover…