Introducing Teri

by Matt on June 6, 2008

Perhaps one of the greatest things that has happened to me lately was getting the nicest email from a photography student at Art Center College of Design. She expressed interest in working together in an educational capacity and for about two weeks I was completely floored. Me? Matt? What on earth could I possibly to do help a student? Let alone a student from Art Center??????? After getting to know Teri (it turns out we have a mutual friend, the ever stunning and sweet photographer Gabriel Goldberg) and some very official paperwork from the college I am now super pleased to say I am working with wonderful young student on an independent study program. As in, this doofus is a mentor! With a student from Art Center! Can you believe it?

Like almost every situation in life, things run both ways. In getting to know Teri I am inspired by her interest, creativity and desire to learn. These qualities are almost eclipsed by her talent….man oh man she's good. And while I'm happy to share my experience with her I'm also secretly in love with the fact that I get to learn what she brings to photography and what drives her to create. And we both have graphic design backgrounds. I think that's mighty neat.

Here are two shots which sum up how amazing she is:


Teri also has a great blog about photography and design (and some gorgeous polaroids, too!) and you should check it out here.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and Teri, thank you thank you thank you!