School Of Stock

School of stock

At least 5 times a week I get emails about photography, specifically food photography, and all the assorted ins and outs involved. I'm certainly no master but I'm always happy to help out with any information I can provide. I didn't exactly take the most orthodox path into photography so my experience should always be taken with a tiny grain of French sea salt.

Having said that I'll probably begin to focus a bit more of photography here at Mattbites since it seems those are many times the most popular posts. Expect to see more photography related entries here along with embarrassingly shameful glimpses into my life. Nothing is for free, people!

This morning I've been digging the entries by Joel Barhamand over at The site is geared specifically towards photographers shooting stock and doing a bit more than just shooting for blogging, but still, it's a treasure trove of information from someone in the field and a really great read. I just finished reading the Tools Of The Trade series called "Lighting For Lifestyle" and it's remarkably similar to the method in which I shoot. I love light, I love airy scenes and oodles of space and I could not be without my v-flats ever!

Check it out and read some of the other entries. I'm really loving the post about Production Values, too. It's not always so easy to produce a shoot and make it go over smoothly and this entry might even make you a bit dizzy.

Happy shooting!


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  2. says

    Thank you very much for sharing these links. They are very informative. My husband is a photographer and is interested in doing some stock shoots…. I will pass these along.

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