Making History! Tying The Knot!

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Today I just did something I've waited my whole life to do.

I got married.

No separate-but-equal, no domestic partnership paperwork, no kinda-sorta-real-but-not-really.  No my friends, none of that. Today I married the man of my dreams and it was officially recognized by the State Of California.

A real bona fide marriage.

History was made today and I'm a million miles in the sky.

Having only been married for a few hours I must say that my brain is a bit overwhelmed. We had a major commitment ceremony 3 years ago in Austin, Texas before a hundred or so friends and family. That event goes down as the most important day of my life. But today, well, today I'm simply blown away by the opportunity to have my relationship recognized by my state and by those around me. I never thought it would be necessary but I do feel equal. And equal feels so very good!

I now get to join the ranks of my parents who have been married 47 years, both of my sisters (married over 20 years, both of them!), and the countless other individuals who dedicate their lives to each other and hold dear the institution of marriage and the promise of love, care, respect and commitment. And I got to do it the very first day it was allowed, joining the dozens of other couples in love all over the state of California.

To the countless couples who took advantage of this historic day–may you always cherish each other for the rest of your lives.

To the county employees and Los Angeles clerks who provided such amazing service–your smiles and words of encouragement make me realize that love is love, pure and simple, and that sometimes there's just not enough of it.

It feels good. It feels right. And to the naysayers and objectors of same-sex marriage, well, I simply cannot hear you. I'm married, elated and happy, and to me that's all that matters right now.



Ok, so many friends asked what I'd wear to my own wedding. Since that big day was covered 3 years ago our trip to the Registrar's office was simply a formality. Hey, I didn't need to dress up. Boy, was I wrong. After completing interviews with the LA Times, NPR, KTLA 4, NBC4, ABC 7, FOX LA and the Whittier News, well, I realized I could have gussied up just a bit. OH REALLY, who cares???? I'm married now! Married! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Below are some quick snaps from this morning.


The day started at 6:30am for us and we were immediately greeting with other couples waiting to tie the knot. We were also greeted by reporters. TONS OF REPORTERS. Today I felt like it was a special press gathering. Here's my Adam being interviewed.

Cindy and elaine

These lovely ladies, Cindy and Elaine, have been together 40 years. FORTY YEARS! They were in line in front of us and to be able to witness their special day really touched me. Look at those gorgeous smiles!

Lining up

People lined up and tents were set up for the anticipated rush of couples.


Reporters, reporters, reporters! These hard-working folks remained professional and objective but it was quite obvious how they felt as they offered enthusiastic well wishes to everyone all morning long. And check out that outfit at 7am. Lord I don't know how she does it.


Here we are at the window filing our paperwork. I'll have you know that I am officially listed as the "Bride" because the paperwork and forms had yet to be updated. I thought that was HILARIOUS! These photos were taken by KTLA's Jamie Chambers who snatched my camera out of my hand and started snapping like a pro. I dunno, maybe he was. Thank you Jamie! 

Marriage Ceremony

After filing we were given a call number complete with clip art from 1993. But still, were were number 8! 

The ring

Here we are in our Wedding Cubicle, for lack of a better phrase. Red roses were handed out to everyone and I thought that was the sweetest gesture. Naturally I would have had a different flower, something more snazzy and me, but hey, it's the sentiment that counts! Adam is about to put the ring on my finger. How come it looks like we're on an airplane?

La times and nbc

A reporter from the LA Times as well as an NBC cameraman asked if they could cover our ceremony. I told them only if they let me take their pictures. They were both so completely sweet. Plus the reporter is a South Paw. WOOT WOOT!

Just married 

Look how happy we are! You wouldn't know that I just completely had a full-on crying fit 30 seconds before. I was so happy, something tells me my man was kinda excited about it too.

Adam on cam

KINDA EXCITED ABOUT IT until it came time for the cameras to roll again. He's not one for being in front of the camera. Me? I'm a ham. BUT A MARRIED HAM!!!!!!!!


It's hard to answer such profound questions when there's so much love and commotion all around you. Still, we did our best. When asked if today was everything we expected we both answered about how it was so much more than we could have imagined. It was. It was surreal and amazing and fun. This isn't going to be on TMZ, is it?

Just married!

As one of the first couples done with the whole process we made our way to the photo gazebo area. With a sunny day full of happiness and love all around my HUSBAND (yes I said HUSBAND!!!!) and I stopped for a few quick photos. Today I realized that I am the luckiest man alive and also to take a booster chair and step ladder any time I stand next to my man.

Wow. We're married. It just can't get any better than that.



  1. says

    Congratulations, Matt!! My partner and I have been married for a year. We’re in Canada, where it’s legal from coast to coast to coast. I’m so happy for you and I don’t even know you! …But I know every single feeling of bliss and thanks you’ve experienced on this day.

    All the best to you and yours,
    Andrew in Ottawa

  2. says

    I’m coming to this post pretty late, having only just discovered your blog (I know, I know, clearly I’m a total philistine!). I’m reading this at work and desperately trying not to cry at your post. My little brother came out only last year, and this gives me hope that one day he will also be able to get married. “I am equal” is something that everybody should get to feel, and we should say it to ourselves (and each other) everyday. Congratulations, and may you continue to enjoy your lives together.

  3. says

    Matt, I know I’m waaaaay late here, but I just had to chime in to say cheers! You and Adam are a gorgeous couple! I am so, so happy for you two. xo

    P.S. Happy 7-month-and-one-day anniversary!

  4. says

    With Prop 8 now good and overturned, this is even sweeter to read again. So happy for you.

    Happy almost 4th anniversary! With best wishes for many happy years ahead. 😀

  5. Mary says

    Congratulations! This post had me in tears. I am so very happy for you and your man!!!

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