With love and thanks on the 4th

by Matt on July 3, 2008


With the special holiday weekend beginning in just a few short hours I wanted to wish everyone here in the good old USA a very wonderful Independence Day. May it be filled with laughter, great food, family and friends, some fireworks (legal, not illegal!), lots of little ones running around, fireflies, sticky fingers from bbq sauce, peaches, plums and nectarines and lots and lots of cold beer. Or wine.

Me? It’ll be a very small one over here at our place. We’re having friends over for dinner and thanks to my pal Deb from Everyday Food my dinner predicament has been solved. You can read the solution to my “problem” here.

Not that my friends are ever problems, I’m just sayin’, that’s all.

Darned picky eaters!

But before I go…

I have to thank YOU. Yes, YOU. The love you sent over with your kind congratulatory words means more to us than we could ever convey. I’m not going to get all sappy because every time I read through the comments I begin to cry. Each and every single one. I’m serious. So to all of you, bless you all and please accept our most sincere and humble thanks.

And to my youngest Chihuahua Bindi, please accept my sincere apologies knowing you hate clothing (I wonder why?) and for putting a hat on you and subjecting you to a photograph. I know the brief sensation of pure humiliation and shame will disappear when I ask if you want to go outside and have a treat.

At least I hope so.