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Or How To Revive Old Links Of Yesteryear

Call it the dog days of summer but I’m not really motivated to venture outside of my warm-weather eating habits these days. It’s all about stone fruit, cold crisp composed salads, no cook pasta dishes (well, other than boiling water) and some experiments to perfect my smoke-roasting skills. See? I told you I’m nothing but a bore lately. My brain and body have been in a million little directions lately and rather than do one post I thought it’d be appropriate to share my scattered ramblings with you.  So without any delay, here it goes!

All Work And No Play…
I’m already a self-admitted dullard so I don’t mind the end of that phrase really. But in the past 2 weeks I’ve shot three magazine jobs, one being a pretty big national publication that you may have heard of. I’ll let ya know when all these hit the newstands.  If anyone can tell me where I can buy a “I Heart Photo Editors” t-shirt please let me know. I’ll wear it proudly.

And Kim? I love you!



You Say Tom, er, Nevermind, I just can’t.
We’re right on the cusp of some really amazing tomatoes coming to market and this boy couldn’t be more excited. I’ve harped about them for years so I’ll zip it this year and spare you the obsession. Suffice it to say I’ll be eating tons again with some of this stuff all over them. And I shall not talk about it again until ’09 lest someone gets any bright ideas. I’m just sayin.

iAm suffering from iPhone Insanity
My new 3g iPhone has not left my hand in days. Why should it? It’s sleek, pretty, faster, and the apps are making me a happy boy. I can now listen to my Pandora playlist as I jog or drive. And on a bad 80’s whim I entered “Taylor Dayne” and was rewarded with what is quite possibly the gayest playlist ever to be created: Madonna, Celine Dion, Chaka Kahn and Melissa Manchester. Luckily I’m covered in tattoos to maintain my ruff-n-tumble street cred.


Yes, I have joined all the others who tweet. I now tweet. Do you?

My pal Amelia Saltsman has some events coming up and I wanted to share them with you. And for those of you in Orange County two of them are in your neck of the woods! 

She is the most delightful person ever I must tell you. I look forward
to her market features in Bon Appetit and her book is such a great
resource to have all year round. This is my first summer with her
fantastic recipes and we’re really enjoying them at home. I also had a
fantastic time with her last year when she sat down with me to answer a
few questions about her book. You can read it here.

Art of Cooking: Southern California Chef Series
Festival of Arts – Laguna Beach, CA
Cooking Demonstration & Book Signing
Sunday, July 20
650 Laguna Canyon Road
(800) 487-3378
1 pm – 2pm
$7, General Admission

 Amelia Saltsman, author of the award-winning The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook: Seasonal Foods, Simple Recipes and Stories from the Market and Farm, will sign her book and give a cooking demonstration of easy summer recipes at the Festival of Arts: Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, on July 20, 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.   Menu:  Melon, Cucumber, and Mint Salad; Seared Tuna with Roasted Tomato & Olive Salsa; Tangy White Beans. General Admission: $7 Contact Information:  650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA.  (949) 494-1145. 

 Sage on the Coast – Newport Beach, CA
2nd Annual Summer’s Bounty Feast
Sunday, July 20
7862 East Coast Highway (Crystal Cove Promenade)
(949) 715-7243
6 pm
$65 per person (4-Course Dinner & Wine)

Join Amelia Saltsman, author of the award-winning, The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook, farmers Romeo Coleman, Phil McGrath, Peter Schaner, and Alex Weiser at the 2nd Annual Summer’s Bounty Feast at Sage on the Coast in Newport Beach.  Four course family-style dinner includes Schaner Farms Roast Pork with Red Currants and Seared Albacore Tuna with Roasted Tomato & Olive Salsa.  July 20, 2008 at 6 p.m.  Price $65.  For reservations call: (949) 715-7243; 7862 East Coast Hwy (Crystal Cove Promenade), Newport Beach, CA 92657.

Santa Monica Farmer’s Market – Santa Monica, CA
Cooking Demonstration & Book Signing
Wednesday, July 23
Third & Arizona
10 am – 1pm

Amelia Saltsman, author of the award-winning, The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook: Seasonal Foods, Simple Recipes and Stories from the Market and Farm, will be cooking easy summer dishes from the day’s market finds at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market (Third and Arizona) on July 23 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


New York City
I’m heading to NYC this weekend. I’m not much of a winner of anything really but I was supremely lucky enough to be selected as one of the 20 photographers out of about 700 to attend the Shoot! The Day event sponsored by Photoshelter. I’m in the Still Life & Studio category and will be working with David Hobby of Strobist.com. How incredible is that? Unfortunately because of work obligations I’ll be spending around 34 hours in the city before hopping back to Los Angeles but hopefully it’ll be long enough to persuade the delightful Grace to meet me for coffee.

I’ll be blogging about it soon!


This episode was filmed before a live studio audience
I made two recent guest appearances lately.  The first was over at The Bedlam Of Beefy and the latest was over at the adorable All Things Cupcake. It’s like a musical mashup or kind of like the cast of 227 walking into that shop Edna Garett ran on Facts Of Life. But if you call me Jacké I promise I’ll scream. Oooooh Mary!

I really love both those sites. Have you seen them? Oh my goodness they are beautiful and I am so flattered to have had the time with them to answer some questions.  And now I am officially aware you are sick of me talking about myself so no more!


Well folks I fear I’ve overstayed my welcome with these ramblings so I’m gonna wrap it up for this week and I’ll be back next week with even more random tidbits. Have a wonderful week and a terrific weekend everyone!


  1. says


    you sure know how to get around, mateo! sing it now… “fame and fortune…”

    and thanks for all the super fun links.



  2. says

    you got the new iphone?! I feel gipped for having bought the first generation one : ( speaking of Madonna, have you heard her latest album? I love it! especially Miles Away.
    anyway, I digress, I meant to comment on the pretty bowls of heirlooms : )

  3. Linda Pugliese says

    you’re lucky i’ll be out of town this weekend, otherwise i’d be bugging you for some wiggle room in your schedule!!!

    enjoy it!

  4. says

    Me: Yeah, um, Matt?

    You: Yes…?

    Me: Um… you have, like the best, like blog… seriously. Wicked serious.

    You: (…)

    Me: Um, … yeah.

    [Seriousness aside I wanted to tell you that I am a newcomer to your blog and I am tickled with it. Your shots are just ridiculously amazing. I am so lovin’ that you post for all to view. Nice. Thank you very much indeed for that!]


  5. says

    Matt, I have a Cafe Press store. If you design the “I Heart Photo Editors”, I can upload it and you can order one. I will e-mail details.

    Sorry I haven’t been around to comment on your marriage: I did weep with joy at the post.

    XOX from foggy Soquel,

  6. says

    whew! just reading about your busy-ness wears me out! hope you had a fun weekend in NY and so happy for all your successes! xo

  7. says

    Hi Matt ! Wow… great food photography. I just feel like grabbing one of those heirloom tomatoes and take a big huge bite out of it! Sure wish we had your climate to grow all those nice, luscious fresh fruits.

    OK… back to my igloo! I’LL BE BACK!

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