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There are several times a month where I find myself a wee bit “homesick” for Argentina.  I begin to pine for her food, culture and wine but my heart pangs are almost instantly satiated with a visit to From Argentina With Love. In case you haven’t been (and I do hope you have!) FAWL belongs to one of the most delightful writers I know named Rebecca Caro. We met a while back through the interwebs and bonded over Argentina and now I can call her a friend. She is so delightfully talented and wonderful.

Rebecca is American but writes about her 2nd home in South America–she’s married to an Argentinean and through her site she shares her love affair with Argentina. Its her insight and connection that gives us a unique perspective and I feel so connected to the history and tradition of family when she writes. Just like another favorite writer of mine, Rebecca transports me far from home every time I spend time with her words.

And as if I didn’t already know what a gem she is it thrills me to say she has a piece about Mendoza for Cookie Magazine. You really should check it out and I hope it inspires you to visit Argentina if you haven’t already!

Rebecca, congratulations and what an honor. You truly are amazing!

Now, when are we going together?


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    Wonderful! Just yesterday, I was complimenting my neighbor on a piece of jewelry that she was wearing. She said that it came from her home country, which is, you guessed it, Argentina!

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    I love this blog and I read and enjoy a lot.Mendoza is one of my favorite provincia,beautiful place, correct wines and the best empanadas that I ever tasted

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    What I wouldn’t give to be able to pack up and head back to Mendoza. My father is from there, Tunuyan specifically, and I have a few family members who are out there who I’d love to be able to catch up with. It’s such an amazing place- simple and understated but still great. I miss my empanadas and dulce de leche. Soo goood.

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    Yummy photo and delightful blog FAWL! Now I must find a great recipe for tonight’s dinner. Something cool so I don’t have to cook! It’s been pushing 100 degrees here for a week with no relief in sight apparently.

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    Oh man, Argentina has been on the top of the “must get to” list for about 5 years now. We’ve been saving up some money, and maybe this year will be the year. I love FAWL!!

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    I just came back from Argentina (well, a few weeks ago) and it was just as amazing as I’ve read about. I discovered Rebecca’s site AFTER coming back (unfortunately) but love reliving my visit through her blog! That, and I can’t wait to teach my boyfriend how to tango :)

  7. micha says

    malbec is a beautiful grape isn’t it?
    love the wie from down there!

    How’s married life my friend?
    Sure hope that the two of you a beautifully happy!!!!


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