Thursday Food Fest: Zucchini


than sit on the sidelines and watch (and drool, mostly) I decided to
get off my butt and participate in Everyday Food and A Way To Garden’s
Thursday Food Fests. I love the premise: everyone picks one seasonal
goody and blogs about it. This week it’s cucumbers and zucchini, and in
case I’ve never shared this with you I am crazy about the zooooks. I
grew up eating my mom’s wonderful sauté of yellow squash and zuccchini
that was a regular staple in our house and I find myself picking up
zucchini whenever I can. And lately I’ve made many a quick summer
evening meals out of zucchini and summer squash alone. It’s simple,
easy, flavorful and delicious.

This dish
began as a side to accompany a grilled chicken but soon became a main
dish for me. I think it began from a recipe I tried a while back and
mutated into something so simple and easy.  It’s really more of a
serving suggestion than recipe since the exact measurements don’t
matter. And I say they do not matter because I haven’t bothered to
measure. See how sneaky I am? I’ve been known to add a few thick slices
of smoky grilled purple onions to this and have it for dinner without
anything else.  As long as cheese is involved (and a glass of wine) I
really don’t need much else.

Grilled Zucchini with Feta, Olives and Thyme
Hey, I said no recipe, remember? Got it. Slice zucchini, toss with a
bit of olive oil and grill until slightly charred. The time will depend
on the heat of your grill but it can also be made in a grill pan on
your stove top but you’ll want to let the pan get hot first. I tend to
go for slightly underdone pieces since I like the crunch and hate the
soggy. Top the cooked slices with a handful of olives, Feta (Greek or
French, I like it all!), a sprinkle of fresh thyme and a nice drizzle
of olive oil. That’s it!

Thanks to Deb for getting all us together for this fun event!

P.S. Thank you for the emails, twitters and that one phone call from Mallorca (Gracias, Toni!) to make sure everything was ok after that lil quake we had yesterday. I only lost a few picture frames and one really ugly old plate and NOT my new pieces from Brooklyn artist Jan Burtz (pictured above) that I bought last week in NYC. Because folks, nothing would be sadder than seeing that in a million lil pieces.


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    Oh, Matt, it looks delicious. And so easy. And what isn’t great with feta on it, I ask? Thanks for joining us today for the “fest”. So glad the special plate didn’t succumb when the earth moved.

  2. says

    Glad you’re okay :)

    If I haven’t said it before, I LOVE your styling skills! The interplay of the rustic wood table and the not-a-perfect-circle plate is awesome. I love how it also alludes to the food itself being slightly rustic though it’s still gorgeous… just everything coming together… makes me *swoon*


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    so happy to hear you {and your plates!} are safe matt! this looks so lovely – i think i might join the fun next week! xoox

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    oh my gah that is one beautiful plate of amazingness!
    and i just so happen to have two zukes begging me to eat them all up in just this manner.

    (sorry you had some breaks from the quake, but i am so glad to hear you are o-kazzay!)


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    My garden has been ROCKING out the zuch this year! Just had a fritata with basil and mozz for breakfast! Keep up the beautiful and inspirational work.

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    You still have some of that O lime olive oil?

    Try a light sauté in the oil of zooks with cherry tomatoes, and when they’re suitably wilted, add fresh chopped mint and crumble in some feta cheese.

    This is my most raved-about dish in years, and I am commanded to bring it to every potluck.

    Zucchini with lime and mint = ¡fantastico!

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    This looks so yummy. I love zucchini, too. My favorite way to eat these days is raw: I julienne it on a mandoline, toss it with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and then sprinkly it with obscene amounts of Pecorino. Amazing. Here’s the recipe, though, like your dish here, a recipe is sort of unnecessary:

    ps: I finally made it up to the Santa Monica farmers’ market. So fun!!

  8. banu says

    Reading this all the way from Turkey.Zucchinis are in season.Besides grilling them I dont quite know what to do with them.The meat versions are not on my list as I’m a vegeterian.So the gratin recipe I have already stolen.That is to be tried next.
    Like your blog and your sense of humor.You are cute.:)

  9. says

    Hey from Texas, Matt!

    Just found your blog and I must say – LOVE your photos. Read a bunch of old posts and am wondering about your love of the meyer lemons. You see, I also feel the love and guess what?? I have two trees in my yard and the gorgeous globes of yellow deliciousness are ALMOST ripe. Some are as large as SOFTBALLS! Looked for a great meyer lemon recipe on your site and don’t see one.
    Can you tell me where to go?!!??…Be nice!

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