Free tickets to the Celebrity Food Show this weekend

Hey party people! Specifically, my So Cal party people. Join me this Saturday, August 16th at the Celebrity Food Show in Anaheim where I'll be teaming up with the Lipton folks and their PureLeaf beverages in the afternoon. Come taste some tea, meet some fun people and hang out!

I want to thank the folks at Lipton for reaching out to bloggers. I'll be joining The Liquid Muse (Friday) and Oishii Eats (Sunday) as the blogging trio working with them and their PureLeaf brand. Initially I thought "Um, I'm not much of a salesman even though I am a ham, is this something I really want to do?" But then I did my research, discovered the product is 100% natural without any artificial ingredients or additives and really tastes great. I'm not a sugary, syrupy drink lover and these teas are right up my alley.  I can't wait to experiment before the show with a few as bases for cocktails.

I'll be giving away five tickets for the show on Saturday. All you have to do is be the first to email me here and the tickets are all yours!

I hope to see you there!

And confidential to a certain person: I don't care how charming you think Duff Goldman is — with his cute mug, infectious laugh and creative cake talents — you're already married to me darnit and that's that. But I'll tell him you said hello.


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    :) I really enjoy the PureLeaf teas too, even though I don’t like fruit teas generally. Awesome.

    PS I’m sorry I know it said confidential but I was already halfway through it before that registered, and that is the cutest message EVERRR.

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    Matt – you could take Duff easily.. Besides, his cakes are made from cardboard and sytrofoam 😀

    I wish I could make it!! Sounds like a giggle.

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