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September 2008

Thoughts On The Happiest Place On Earth

by Matt on September 27, 2008

1. While meant for children and families it is still entirely possible to enjoy a day at the park as an adult. 2. I’m currently awaiting the memo announcing that yes, body aches and pains will be apparent after riding rollercoasters at this point in my life. 3. Happiest Place On Earth also has The [...]


In case you missed it

by Matt on September 22, 2008


The Most Delicious Footwear

by Matt on September 22, 2008


Alfajores and thanks

by Matt on September 17, 2008


Nervous? Party of One?

by Matt on September 12, 2008

I probably don’t have to tell you how much I love Martha Stewart, right? So I probably won’t have to tell you how thrilled I am to be a guest on The Martha Stewart Show’s 4th brand-spankin’-new season next Wednesday, September 17th. Folks, Martha’s done all us blogging types proud by featuring an entire show [...]


Down The Hatch

by Matt on September 10, 2008

Many years ago in another life I was an art director for Whole Foods Market. It was a fantastic job for a great company, and I joked that I actually got paid to make things pretty. I suppose I still do even though a few detractors might fault me for going through my green phase [...]


The Padrone Zone

by Matt on September 7, 2008

Sometime last year (or even this year, I forget) I got the nicest email from a reader. Our emails back and forth revolved around peppers and recipes to which he asked if I had ever tried Padrones. Or, Pimiento de Padron, to be correct. I replied that I hadn’t, heck, I have never even heard [...]


When Seasons Collide

by Matt on September 3, 2008

My apologies. If you’ve tried to reach me by calling, emailing, texting, smoke-signaling, mental-telepathing or paper-airplaning over the past week then you’ve no doubt reached my busy signal.  And you will continue to get my answering machine for a few weeks longer as this is a splendidly busy time of the year for me. I’m [...]