When Seasons Collide

My apologies. If you’ve tried to reach me by calling, emailing, texting, smoke-signaling, mental-telepathing or paper-airplaning over the past week then you’ve no doubt reached my busy signal.  And you will continue to get my answering machine for a few weeks longer as this is a splendidly busy time of the year for me. I’m not gonna bore you with the details, but I’m currently cramming three holidays into one and preparing for a very special Spaniard and his partner to come visit. And because he doesn’t read English I can say this very safely: I’m putting him to work when he gets to Los Angeles and plan on sharing his family recipes with you. With his blessing, of course.

Even though it’s been crazy I still managed to make it to my farmers’ market on Sunday morning to stock up and also get some beautiful fruits and veggies for a shoot. And as I walked through the stalls and chatted with folks I remembered how amazing this time of year actually is. It’s probably some of the best summer produce we’ve seen all season along with trickles of what autumn has to offer. It’s when new crop apples share space with super sweet corn, where plums practically burst before disappearing until next year. And it’s a great time to cook, allowing you to take advantage of the bounty.

It’s like Mother Nature’s Two-For-One sale.

I’ll be back shortly, I promise. And in the meantime enjoy some photos from this weekend (except the apples, those were taken last year but if you’re like me you’re pretty excited about the new crops!)








  1. rita says

    that’s wonderful! looking forward to some fun recipes so i can make use more of the cazuelas i bought in madrid.

    don’t work too hard, though. you don’t want to be burned out by the time your friends fly in.

  2. says

    these photos are incredible! you captured nature’s 2-for-1-in-between season perfectly. i tried to pick a favorite and couldn’t – they are all so beautiful, matt.

    hope you have a wonderful time with your very special spaniard company – can’t wait for the recipes. 😉


  3. Rebecca says


    what farmers market(s) do you go to/recommend? I have been wishing there was a good one in LA and resigning myself to buying all my produce from Trader Joe’s.

  4. says

    OH yummy! Those grapes look like the ones that are growing wild in the alley down from my place… time to go see if someone else foraged them before me! Also… that looks like Mango Wood plates the grapes are sitting… just lovely!

  5. says

    Beautiful. Lovely. Absolutely gorgeous. The perfect blend of shadows and light, color and texture, clarity and softness…

    Have an equally beautiful time with your Spaniard and his partner. I can’t wait to read and see the results of your visit!

  6. says

    My favorite is the picture of champagne grapes: adorable!

    took a bunch of pictures in Montreal’s Atwater market last weekend: very fun

  7. says

    so so so pretty. I must admit a certain envy of your outrageously kick-ass farm markets.

    And, of course, your mad picture-takin’ skillz.

  8. says

    Beautiful shots, Matt.

    I want to frame the sage and apples shots for my kitchen wall. I love how you re-frame your images using the edges of tables and napkins for drop. Your earthy textures such as beaten up wooden boards really add to your pictures. You have such a clean, natural, modern still life aesthetic. Kudos to the photo chef!

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