Thoughts On The Happiest Place On Earth


1. While meant for children and families it is still entirely possible to enjoy a day at the park as an adult.

2. I’m currently awaiting the memo announcing that yes, body aches and pains will be apparent after riding rollercoasters at this point in my life.

3. Happiest Place On Earth also has The Crappiest Food On Earth.

4. Number 3 is made worse after riding in seat behind José Andrés and family on the Matterhorn.

5. Happiness is discovering he’s jovial and seeing your Spanish guests freak out upon meeting him.

6. Happiest Place On Earth also has The Crappiest Food On Earth.

7. Man cannot survive on park churros alone but I did my best trying.

8. Overhearing a 17-year old typically blonde California teen in line in front of you describe her method of making homemade mustard “cuz it just tastes better” to her teen friends makes this man’s heart melt with happiness.

9. Happiest Place On Earth also has The Crappiest Food On Earth. Did I tell you that already?

10. Seeing Disneyland through the eyes of a first timer — be it age 2 or 27 — makes everything worthwhile.

Except that crappy food.


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    I did like that they had free tortillas and more variety food wise here.
    Sort of funny too that you can drink wine throughout california adventure.

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    i spent every summer there growing up – walking through the gates still takes me to a very special happy place. and my dad must have known about the food – we always brought a picnic 😉 xoox

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    Fun day! I remember the crappy food of Disneyworld like it was yesterday and not, um, 34 years ago. (We couldn’t find anything besides cheeseburgers for breakfast. Space Mountain wasn’t so fun after that.)

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    I used to cook the crappy food at disneyworld. 😛 Not sure if I should admit that.Even tho the food is crappy and the lines are long,you still come back with some amazing memories.

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    I try to live off the dill pickles on the fruit carts and the Dole Whip (not together :)

    It wasn’t the first wrinkle that made me feel old. It was the fact that my head felt like I was in a car accident after a turn on a roller coaster…

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    As a bloke just coming back from Disneyland himself.. Yes the food there is BLOODY TERRIBLE.

    We made the complete and utter mistake of eating at “Blue Bayou” (I think that is what it is called), which can really just be described as overpriced rubbish. Yes, I am being harsh for a reason!

    We did eat some OK food in Downtown Disney – Catal I think was the name of the place. They did have some pretty odd combinations of ingredients though..

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    Despite the infamous food there, I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was a kid and barely remember it. Maybe it’s time for a “grown up” visit!

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    First time we went to Disneyland, with Family members visiting from Qc, we thought maybe, that good looking restaurant with hours long waiting list in “Pirates of the Caribbean” would be an exception to the Disney crappy food rule… we were so wrong… All you can find there is lousy and cheep diner at very high price and there is no wine on the expensive menu to help you make peace with it!

    Oh yeah, I think you forgot to say: Happiest Place On Earth also has The Crappiest Food On Earth. 😉

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    Can’t remember the food there as I was only a teenager. But Disney World has a whole better line up of great food. The real authentic Danishes are to die for.

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    So you love the food? :) I do think Disneyland is a great place to go, child or adult.. it never stops being “magical” that way…

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    Wheee! I love a good rollercoaster! But I admit they do make me queasy, and it’s true, park food does not help. Glad you had fun–sure you needed a ‘day off’ after baking cookies with Martha!

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    I’m going on Saturday – fully agree that is possible to enjoy Disneyland as an adult, and the crappy food is made better by a few well placed bars in California Adventure :)

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    I know what you mean. I took my fiance to Disneyland for the first time (his first time)…I had been there about 100 times before (grew up in SoCal) and it was like being a kid again to take a Disney virgin through the park.

    And yes, the food is terrible. And SO expensive!

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    We’re off to Disney World next week, and the food is always the highlight of our trip. It’s the food and wine festival at Epcot and we have reservations every night!

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    The last time I went to Disney Land was the early 80’s when we went to visit my ex’s cousin who lived in “Garbage Grove” as she lovingly used to put it. Do they still have the restaurant smack in the middle of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride?

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    it’s a little known fact that you can bring your own food and drinks (no glass) to Disneyland. i always eat well because i bring my own!

  17. says

    crappy expensive food = crappy mood

    Did you know that the Disneyland in France lets you bring in your own food?

    They encourage it for family picnics.

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    I love Disneyland and I even have a soft spot for it’s ugly stepsister, California Adventure. Like the others, I do not have a soft spot for the food. It is basically impossible to find anyplace to eat there, although there is that LaBrea Bakery Cafe at Downtown Disney. I have not eaten there but I would think it’s among the best dining options.

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    Maybe it is crappy to a food connoisseur, however for families with food allergies, especially celiac disease, Disneyland and Disney World is heaven. Disney theme parks go out of their way to make those on restricted diets feel welcome and eat like they truly are at the happiest place on earth. Current numbers– 1 out of 133 people have celiac disease. Disney Corp. is smart.

  20. Quetta says

    Matt, you should have tried the Vinyard Room! It’s so delicious; by far the best food in the park. It’s the only place my friends and I will eat.

  21. steve says

    few things at disneyland are really edible. i DO like select items, though. their popcorn has crack in it, i swear. corndogs can be good and red rocket’s pizza port has halfway edible pasta/salad, but not pizza. and yes… CHURROS.

    also… the bakery on main street has the worst coffee known to man.

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    Beautiful photo! IMO if a place has crappy food, it isn’t the happiest place on earth. But I’ll give you a close 2nd place :)

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    Matt –
    I had a very decent salad of baby greens and a not at all awful lasagna, with a chilled pinot grigio sitting at that italo-california winery restaurant, on a late July afternoon watching my kids watch the Pixar Parade go by. Best of all, I didn’t have to stand in a line. I don’t see anything about that to complain about. It sure beat the burger-only options in other parks. Oh, and the Mickey Mouse beignets in New Orleans Square were pretty damn delicious!
    Stay away from Tomorrowland…

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    you gotta be kidding about the Humbolt thing… and about the food! Ok, know the food is crap, but sometimes crap is good, as in a half smoke sausage dog covered in chili and cheese at Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street in DC. EVERYONE should eat at least two in a lifetime. Recently toured the country and found crap and greatness in the non-fancy places. And, some in the really expensive joints too!

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    My husband and I just went a few weeks ago. Two adults. Do not eat “meals” at Disney. Munch. Cotton Candy. Ice Cream. Chocolates. Cookies. Then go to The Grand Californian and eat at Napa Rose. Seriously. AWESOME. Remember that. Napa Rose. Bring your paycheck.

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    The food at Disney World is much better. Last year we were pleasantly surprised…Epcot had some really good restaurants.

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    I agree with you fully, Matt. I have an annual pass to DL and I love spending all day but it is indeed difficult to find a place with great food there. If you’re vegan, it is even more difficult. California Adventures offers wine in some of their restaurants but the selection is poor. My advice is always to leave the park for dinner and go to Downtown Disney.

  28. Marjy says

    This is my first time reading your blog, and I’m happy to have stumbled on you as my local Menu for Hope host. As for Disney food, you have two options for good food. If you like corn dogs, theirs are about the best I’ve never made myself. And one of the better food values in the park, since they come with chips or apple slices. The bar above the Character Dining in California Adventure has some pretty tasty BBQ chicken pizza, and it’s a full bar, which makes it the best ride in the Park! Aside from that, you’ve gotta go to the hotel restaurants or Downtown Disney for good food. While it’s out of my budget right now, my friends will day trip from San Diego just to eat at the Napa Rose in the Grand Californian. Better luck next time!

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