The Lunchbox Auction

December is all about giving so I wanted to bring your attention to The Lunchbox Auction, an auction and event sponsored by Gourmet Magazine in conjunction with the Food Bank For New York City and The Lunchbox Fund. Not only is it a great way to win amazing lunchboxes made by celebrities and chefs of all sorts (no two are alike!), but there’s also a kick-off party tomorrow night in New York. And it all goes to help those who go hungry, something we could all think of a little bit more throughout the year.

Me? I’m stuck in Los Angeles so boo hoo I won’t be there. BUT I must tell you that I did have a little hand in the whole project. Check it out below:


This is the amazing lunchbox by Nancy Silverton being auctioned. I photographed the amazing vintage bread labels at Nancy’s casa and they were lovingly applied by hand (and no, it wasn’t me, I’m no good at decoupage and last time I did it there was a layer of white paste on the ceiling fan, I’m not kidding.) Call me biased but I happen to think she did an amazing job and that it’s one of the most beautiful lunchboxes ever! Even the inside is gorrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous.

It could be yours AND you’d be helping out a great cause!


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