Menu For Hope Update


Yes oh yes oh yes, those items for Menu For Hope are still trickling in! Please make sure to check out my other post here as the items are still be updated! Today is the last day to get things to me though as I'm afraid any last minute entries might not get enough bidding time.

I apologize for putting the following two items up for bid but they're almost worthy of their own post and didn't want to have you miss them at the end of the other post. I'm thrilled and excited over this and it's not like any other thing I'm hosting this year.

These are two artisan "grab bags" (for lack of a better term) from the artists at 1000 Markets.  Now you may remember that I'm currently working with them and how much I adore the concept: a marketplace for those handcrafted items like food, jewelry and art. There really are so many beautiful things there. 1000 Markets' creator Matt came to my rescue when I asked about Menu For Hope items and his wonderful merchants answered the call. We're raffling off two bags filled with amazing, unique and one of a kind items. There's some jewelry, some cards, some amazing caramels (more on them from me very soon!), and the opportunity to pick your own gifts from a few merchants. Because of the nature of 1000 Markets there's no central distribution center and you're dealing with individual merchants so your items will be shipped individually. Which I think happens to be pretty cool as you'll get to know each vendor and get multiple packages based on which bag you pick. It's a bit different than everything being shipped altogether but trust me, you want all these beautiful things!

I want to thank each and every merchant for their generosity and artistry. It's you guys that make 1000 Markets such a special place and it's hard for me to convey how amazing I think you all are.

I still need to work out a few details on how to proceed once the lucky winner has been selected but I'll let the winner know personally. Let's bid on some amazing stuff now, shall we?

1000 Markets Grab Bag #1
Prize Code UW 33

Whimsyandspice: Classic Sampler Box

Claynfiber: $25 Gift Certificate or Vase

Littleput: Any Item in shop

MarielCarter: Pendant Or Bangle

OceanSculptures: Item to be determined

TheSkinYou'reIn: Pampering Kit

Izis: A Jewelry Item

PalleikoDesigns: A Knit Ring

PickleBerries: Pendant

HaveItCaramels: 1 lb of caramels

TwistedJules: 1 piece of jewelry

Inklore: 1 item

TheBlueCat: Jazz Cats or similar print

TeacherGurrl: a framed original drawing or painting


1000 Markets Grab Bag #2
Prize Code UW 34

Little Odd Me: A certificate for an 8×10 print

Artistic Glass Impressions: A Hope Necklace

Four Tails Lampwork: offered to do a food-related lampwork or will donate a focal pendant or necklace

Forgotten Beauty: A photograph

Besem Natural Scents:  A gift set

Sliver River Metal: Cloisonne Bracelet

Formfire Glassworks: Necklace

Judy Evans: Piece of Jewelry

Bluhealer: Piece of Jewelry

Wendy Conrad Art: 2 sets of homemade cards

Indig Woodworks: pendant

Anandi: custom pair of earrings

Anandi: handstamped pet ID Tag


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