by Matt on December 22, 2008


Wow! Whoa! Wow! Can you believe it? Menu For Hope V is up to $20,000! This is simply incredible. Any little bit helps Friends Of The World Food Program. Plus you get nifty things. That is just amazing if you ask me. Will we get to what we raised last year? Who knows. But I do know that there are still tons of amazing prizes out there that are just waiting to be had!

To read some salacious details about the prizes check out David's latest. Mom, cover your eyes please.

Our amazing host Pim is talkin' it up too! Check it out here.

And remember to check out some of the latest additions I've added here.

Above: That's me bidding on my favorite prize and checking every 10 minutes to see if I've been outbid. I wouldn't mind as it's all for a great cause, but never let it be said that this boy doesn't keep his eye on the prize. Cuz I do. I also happen to blog barefoot in empty rooms. So there.

P.S. If you bid on the Food Styling Workshop (go Sean!) that I'm offering then I'll throw in dinner after the class somewhere in Culver City. How fun would that be? But it will be with me and Food Stylist Legend Denise Vivaldo so if you're sensitive to Sailor Speak then please let us know ahead of time. It will get colorful.