Menu For Hope Winners Announced!

Hello everyone! Yep, the winners for Menu For Hope have been announced! Skip on over to
Chez Pim to see the results and to check out if you won the prize of your dreams. Can you believe we raised $62,206.86 this year? What an amazing amount.

I’ll be contacting the winners of my prizes shortly.

Thank you everyone for all the help. It was a beautiful thing!


  1. Nina says

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you and Pim SO much for organizing this raffle for such a worthy cause!

    Would you know how I can get in touch with the sponsor of the tickets for the Lexus Grand Tasting? I was estatic to find out that I had actually won UW41 – two tickets to the Lexus Grand Tasting, the finale event for Pebble Beach Food and Wine.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year!


  2. says

    Hi! According to Chez Pim, I won the cheese (yay!) and was wondering how I go about claiming my prize. I’m just so excited… sorry if I’ve gotten ahead of myself!

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