Supporting Good Food with Evan Kleiman

I’m a very big fan of all things KCRW. I get a huge amount of my news from public radio as well as my music fixes from guys like Raul Campos and Jason Bentley (I like to dance, what can I say). And most importantly KCRW gives us Good Food, that wonderful program on all things food hosted by Evan Kleiman.  The Good Food podcasts are always on my ipod with me during morning jogs and I’d feel lost without my market reports from Laura Avery (although I could do without that Jazzy Intro Music as it drives me bonkers but that’s then again it does make me wanna do jazz hands while running which I’m sure makes me look insane but it could be worse). And just because I’m in Los Angeles and KCRW is here doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyed by folks all over thanks to the miracles of podcasting and streaming radio.

Good Food is public supported radio and that means they rely on us to keep them going.  Anything helps to keep this excellent program on the air and if you can it’d be great to donate. Here’s a message from Evan herself!

Please help support Good Food and the other programming on KCRW by going to or calling 1-800-600-KCRW and giving what you can. If you listen during the pledge drive, you can also take advantage of additional premiums on top of the Fringe Benefits Card.

A big giant thanks to Jonah from la.foodblogging for bringing this to the blogworld and to Evan herself for giving us such a unique and valuable program.


  1. Susan says

    Hi Matt,
    I’m a frequent reader of your blog and have seen you in the neighborhood (had to tell my friends of my “celebrity” citing!). Just wanted to thank you for mentioning Good Food to your readers. Great food shows on public radio is essential – The Spelendid Table is great, but Good Food is wonderful because it’s from our own backyard – and, don’t you just love Evan’s voice?
    Thanks, Susan

  2. says

    I do, I do! I loooove Evan’s voice and Good Food is my absolute favorite. It’s always on my podcast as well and I don’t know where I’d be without it. I’m going to donate right now; thanks for the reminder!!

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