25 Things You Won’t Get To Know About Me


Tag tag tag tag tag tag tag me all you want (20+ times already) but I will not not not not do the 25 Things Meme! No!

Ok, maybe I should? All the cool cats have.

PS For some reason I remember doing this like 2 years ago. But my memory is going quickly. Who can say.


  1. Kelley Burrus says

    Come on, just do it….consider it a creative writing exercise which will probably show up unwittingly in your work, which will make you happy, which will make you produce even more, which will allow you to buy more ingredients……

  2. says

    I have always felt the same…then one of my blog “sisters” did hers a few days ago, and our youngest “sister” did likewise tonight, and suddenly I am fascinated. How little could I know about people I thought I knew? I am leaning toward the big numeric graphic with no payoff but just a funny punchline like yours.

  3. says

    listen here, nancy…

    two things:
    1. are you suggesting that i am not one of the cool kids? wtf, bitch?!
    2. i put it off myself, but once i did it i was actually glad i did because it forced me to do some self reflection and i don’t even care if it was just a stupid viral meme that inspired it. self reflection is never a bad thing, no matter what claire over at time.com would have you believe.

    polly anna

  4. says

    Your getting comments on a post that is essentially telling people that you’re not going to tell them anything? Fascinating.

    (Damn. I just fell for it.)

  5. says

    Well, if you don’t do the list, we’re going to get your friends to compile 25 things we don’t know about you. Now that ought a scare you into action.

    I can start with numbers 1-5….

  6. says

    Seems like I have filled that thing out at least once a year for the past 15 years. Still love it, though, and would love to read yours. It’s fun!


    ~ Paula

  7. Tana says

    They may be “cool cats,” but you’re a hot dog.

    No, wait, you’re a cool dog.

    Can I be your little dog ’til your big dog come?

    : D


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