Happy Valentine’s Day

Matt With Date

Self Portrait, 2006

Boy, what a week it’s been.

I had the best of intentions as I approached this blog post. It began as tips and ideas for the 14th but then the press releases and emails started flooding the inboxes of just about everyone. Eat This Chocolate! Try This Oyster! Shuck It Yourself! Paint It Red! Jump In A Bubble Bath With Rose Petals! It began to overwhelm me and I figured you’d know exactly what to do for Valentine’s Day. You need no help from me.

And then this week kicked my butt, pure and simple. I photographed a national ad campaign for a Very Big Brand (it went well!) while simultaneously juggling the normal responsibilities of home life while my significant other worked out of town again. What’s left of me today is a shell of my usual upbeat self.

And Friday is my birthday.

So as I crawl off into the sunset in search of sleep and quiet serenity this weekend I hope you manage to spend Valentine’s Day enjoying it exactly the way you want to. Cupcakes? Fried Chicken? Foie Gras? Red Themed Foods? Fancy Restaurant? Whatever. None of it matters as much as telling that special someone that you love them, cherish them, and that they make your life complete.

Oh, and never heed the advice of a grumpy lonely man with an inflatable doll.


  1. says

    Happy early birthday, fellow Aquarian! I’m sorry we missed you last night – we had a blast! But I will be meeting you soon at T&D’s next big dinner sometime in the near future. Looking forward to it :).

  2. says

    what a well-done photo. ^^

    happy birthday! and i can relate on the s.o. being away but we don’t celebrate valentine’s. next week mine goes to norway but i get to visit his parents to curb the loneliness. good luck and stay classy. (;

  3. says

    sweet photo! yes… thanks for not giving advice for “special things you can do for your valentine”. maybe i’m alone in this, but anything “special” my husband and i try to do for vday ends up in a major fight, or just being disappointing.

    ps. happy bday!

  4. says

    That photo had me laughing hysterically in my office and I couldn’t show my assistant because she just might not get it :) Happy Birthday Matt!

  5. says

    That has to be the naughtiest food blog photo I’ve ever seen. Figs, you’ve got some competition. Could you have superglued a cozy to keep a glass of sparkling Shiraz cool to her hand?

  6. says

    I love this self-portrait. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope your birthday was happy and filled with fun things and lots of love. And I hope you celebrate your birthday for the entire month (I know I try to do that).

  7. says

    Happy belated birthday. Fried chicken is a good idea, maybe next year. We had a low key, but good V-day this year, spent with lots of family.
    That picture is HI-larious.

  8. says

    Dammit, Matt! Crappity, crap, crap…(belated) “Happy Birthday!” Sorry I’m slow on the draw. Hope your entire weekend went well and was full of cake and love. :)

  9. rita says

    omg, your self-portrait rocks!!! i showed it to hubby and thought it was hilarious. i love it! happy belated birthday!! mine was monday. yay, go aquarians!

  10. says

    ‘never heed the advice of a grumpy lonely man with an inflatable doll.’ Even if she’s hot? Happy belated birthday.

  11. says

    Congrats on making the London Times top 50 food bloggers (you were #7). Impressive international accomplishment. Just starting out myself – write/shoot picture book basics for new/non-cooks http://www.gotta-eat.com. Your blog has a great look, lots of fun – inspirational. Thanks.

  12. says

    Just discovered your blog and I’m loving it . . . from this post, I found out that you and I share a birthday – yay for us :)

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