Happy Valentine’s Day

by Matt on February 12, 2009

Matt With Date

Self Portrait, 2006

Boy, what a week it’s been.

I had the best of intentions as I approached this blog post. It began as tips and ideas for the 14th but then the press releases and emails started flooding the inboxes of just about everyone. Eat This Chocolate! Try This Oyster! Shuck It Yourself! Paint It Red! Jump In A Bubble Bath With Rose Petals! It began to overwhelm me and I figured you’d know exactly what to do for Valentine’s Day. You need no help from me.

And then this week kicked my butt, pure and simple. I photographed a national ad campaign for a Very Big Brand (it went well!) while simultaneously juggling the normal responsibilities of home life while my significant other worked out of town again. What’s left of me today is a shell of my usual upbeat self.

And Friday is my birthday.

So as I crawl off into the sunset in search of sleep and quiet serenity this weekend I hope you manage to spend Valentine’s Day enjoying it exactly the way you want to. Cupcakes? Fried Chicken? Foie Gras? Red Themed Foods? Fancy Restaurant? Whatever. None of it matters as much as telling that special someone that you love them, cherish them, and that they make your life complete.

Oh, and never heed the advice of a grumpy lonely man with an inflatable doll.