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Wow! I want to thank the Times Online for selecting this blog as one of their Top 50 in the World! I’m completely humbled to be in the list at #7 and proud to be featured alongside some of my favorite food bloggers, I really am. I am proudly wearing a perma-grin right now.

timesonlinemattOver the next few months they’ll be featuring interviews with food bloggers from around the world. I’m thrilled to be the first in the series. You can read it here.

Woot Woot!


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    Congrats Matt. Well deserved. You have everything going for your blog: great writing, sleek design, professional food photography, great recipes, humor, and more!

    Congrats again!


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    I know I’ve been leaving congratulations and thank you’s all over the place for you, but I thought I’d leave one more to say how excited I am to see you named as one of the best food bloggers IN THE WORLD. You rock.

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