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March 2009

Considering Mexico is a huge country with a million and one regional variances in food (both home cooking and street food) it’s no wonder why it’s hard to feel as if I know the food. I mean, I know Mexican food because it is what I grew up eating but then again I don’t really [...]


Wahoo Escabeche

by Matt on March 20, 2009

So where were we? Oh yes, our boating trip. I wanted to share the recipe for our catches of the day. But not my catch, unfortunately. You see,while Jaden and Adam and others on the boat caught gorgeous and hefty wahoo,  I only came back with a mean barracuda and a concussion. But it wasn’t [...]


Catching Dinner in the Bahamas

by Matt on March 16, 2009

Some things to note about this video: 1) I have never edited a video in my entire life. Please go easy on me. 2) Flip Cam + Moving Boat = some choppy filming. 2) Jaden screaming “WORK IT! WORK IT!” is one of the highlights of my ENTIRE trip! 4) Wanna know what we did [...]


Bits & Bites: Friday, March 13

by Matt on March 13, 2009

New and Improved, 10% Softer and Sweeter Last month in PDN Magazine, Bon Appetit’s Design Director Matthew Lenning said “I hate pretty food pictures.” I think that explains the past year’s visual jolt. Harsh, in-your-face, strobed-to-the-nth-degree, it was a radical departure from the previous look and feel and although visually arresting it became a huge [...]


Tan & Happy

by Matt on March 8, 2009

After a trip back home that felt more like a journey around the world (Diane can vouch for this), we’re finally home with sunkissed memories and a sunburn here and there. Oh, and a mild concussion for me. But I’ll tell you more about that later. I’m fine, really I am. I want to thank [...]


A Lebovitz Isle

by Matt on March 5, 2009

Let’s make one thing clear: Club Med Bahamas makes you want for nothing. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that there are too many choices. Hungry? There’s food from sunrise to sundown. Thirsty? I can’t count the bars. In need of physical activity? You can snorkel, fish, scuba, yoga, you name [...]


Walking around Cockburn Town, Bahamas

by Matt on March 4, 2009

While on a walk through Cockburn Town this morning with  Adam, Elise, Jaden and Diane we came across some of the most beautiful brightly colored buildings that dotted the coastline of the village. It was a sensory overload in the most delightful way possible — the sun, the water, the breeze and my friends. Diane [...]



by Matt on March 3, 2009

Howdy everyone! We’re currently in San Salvador, Bahamas (otherwise known as Columbus Isle) and having a fantastic time. We’re here as guests of the Club Med Food & Wine Festival and having such a splendid time.  I never thought I’d be able to appreciate those inclusive all-in-one type of vacations but seriously, the color of [...]