Howdy everyone! We’re currently in San Salvador, Bahamas (otherwise known as Columbus Isle) and having a fantastic time. We’re here as guests of the Club Med Food & Wine Festival and having such a splendid time.  I never thought I’d be able to appreciate those inclusive all-in-one type of vacations but seriously, the color of the water alone is making this excursion worth it. Not to mention the food. And the wine. And my fellow bloggers who I’m here with, getting to know and love through plenty of beach time. I almost forgot what it was like to communicate with words and not instant messages!

I’ll be updating on the trip later. We’re on day 2 of the Food & Wine Festival and folks, if I can make it through the end of the week I’ll be a happy, fat(TER) man than I am this very second.  A super-rich, amazingly satisfying barbecue dinner last night from chefs Ted Reader and Dr. BBQ himself Ray Lampe was really over the top (smoked duck confit, foie gras and crispy pork skin in one dish alone, I tell ya) so I think I’m gonna take it easy the rest of the day. Enjoy some of the snapshots I’ve taken over the past 2 days, I’m sure there will be many more and I’m still waiting to get that shot of a certain American-Living-In-Paris-Frollicking-In-A-Banana-Hammock. I’m not leaving this island until I do.









  1. Sarah says

    Yummy beach, and the food too I/m sure. Happy banana hammock hunting! Maybe if he sees you in one David will let his guard down and you can get that prized photo/blackmail item :-)

    Enjoy the beautiful Bahamas, wish I was there too.

  2. Caitlin says

    Love Dr. BBQ – I’ve worked with him on a client project before…he’s such a nice man! Glad to hear your enjoying your time in the Bahamas – I’m jealous!

  3. says

    Oh boy!
    I Feel so jealous of you right now, I’m purple with jealousy or am I freezing? Hard to tell… the weather here in New York today is brutal 18F. Smoked duck confit, foie gras and crisp pork skin in one dish, I’m googleling Bahamas right now as I white. Have fun, looking forward to the hammock pics.

  4. john dodd says

    send more pictures .. trying to talk my wife into a visit there .. your pics will help
    we had 12 inches of snow yesterday … what a difference ..

  5. says

    Between these photos and the others I saw on DL’s blog, y’all look like you’re having a fantastic time! I SO miss Caribbean weather! Enjoy.

    BTW, what on earth is that blackish streak over the fish?

  6. says

    God I am dying! I got off the plane from rainy San Francisco this morning only to find myself a shade away from frostbite in 14 degree weather in New York (I had forgotten my gloves…idiot!). I would give anything for some sun and frosty beverages!

  7. says

    I may have the sniffles in foggy San Francisco, but no jealously here (*cough, cough)…I mean, I’m truly happy for you (*cough). In all seriousness, from the look of this site, you deserve the vacation.

    Seriously though, more than the crystal clear aqua ocean & seaside cabanas, I’m drooling over the rustic wooden tables in your photographs. They look as though they were originally constructed of antique wooden planks and have subsequently been weathered by the salty ocean breeze and hot sun. Swoon…

  8. says

    Are these pics from your 5D? What amazing photos. Great composition and amazing contrast! I want to be there drinking beer with you!

  9. Kathy says

    Au contraire MsGourmet, I’m hoping you snap a shot of that certain American-Living-In-Paris wearing that “camo thingy” while he’s frollicking in a the banana hammock. I love seeing men in speedos it just makes me smile, but that “camo thingy” will be hilarious.

  10. says

    Is it possible to be in the Bahamas with you and STILL be jealous of the jaw-dropping scenery? Because I think it might be.

  11. says

    Columbus Isle is the best! I worked at this Club Med for a while (along with 4 other Club Meds) but this one was – by far – my favorite. Your pictures capture it beautifully! So glad that you had a good time! Oh, there are times I miss being a G.O.!!!

  12. says

    You make it look so easy. “It” being taking gorgeous photographs while on vacation. But I’ve taken photographs on vacation and they NEVER look like that. What am I missing? I have a decent digital SLR, but I don’t use filters. Is it the filters? Or is it just your sheer talent? :)


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