Catching Dinner in the Bahamas

Some things to note about this video:

1) I have never edited a video in my entire life. Please go easy on me.
2) Flip Cam + Moving Boat = some choppy filming.
2) Jaden screaming “WORK IT! WORK IT!” is one of the highlights of my ENTIRE trip!
4) Wanna know what we did with the fish we caught? Stay tuned.

Now enjoy…

Recipe for the fish coming up!


  1. Ronald says

    Great video Matt!

    I don’t know if it was my computer but it stopped playing/buffering at 1:22 in and I had to visit the YouTube site to finish it.

    Thanks for sharing, everyone’s pictures are fabulous but the sights and sounds of video take me a little closer to actually being there! I can’t wait for the fish recipe!



  2. says

    Aw, that’s my husband in there! Love the video. Hilarious (um, but I hear less so in real life) about the tiny boat.

  3. says

    ah! that looked like it was super fun :) your commentary was much appreciated and I cannot wait to see what you guys ended up doing with the fish – I bet it was delicious though!

  4. Cameron S. says

    That wasn’t that tiny of a fishing boat but I have been enjoying fishing my entire life – looked like a 24 footer or so – probably 200,000 to buy and equip :) Looked typical since in most boats the most that can fish at the same time is 3-5 anyways so a huge boat is not cost effective to run for fishing charters.

    The bigger boat early in the video would have had a large amount of fuel per hour costs that would have made it tough to justify.

    Of course you all deserved a giant boat!

    I liked the video.

  5. says

    David, I think that’s what we were missing when we got soaked (and you got water in your ear) sailing the Hobie Cat. I swear just looking at that video makes me want to pop a few Dramamine. Great job on the catch and on the video Matt!

  6. says

    I would quite like to go fishing with Clyde or maybe I would just quite like to sit back and admire clyde haul in a big fish.
    I am a generally silent but rather devoted fan of your blog after a friend in london sent me the link with an inkling I might just get hooked (bit like that fish eh.)
    I love your surrealist photos, the one with the blow up doll for valentines and the recent one with the doughnuts are classic – (maybe thanks should go to Adam).
    the sound effects made me giggle.

  7. says

    I love it! Such a fun spirit to the video and what a great day to be fishing. Can’t wait to see what you did with the catch.

  8. says

    Felt like I was there! Now to find out how you got that bump on your head!

    Love the *zing* sound effect/Matt Bites text you put in. Cute! Great job for a first video!


  9. says

    I thought your first video was great – very funny and entertaining. I can’t wait to see what you do with those gorgeous fish!

    I just found your site through Elise and I can’t believe I’ve never visited you before. What fun you have over here. I’ll be back…

  10. Gretchen says

    I just found you Matt and I must say- i have a new crush! Your site is awesome- and your video was pretty swell! Looking forward to working my way back into the archives. Thanks!

  11. says

    I’m hoping you just dipped them in flour and deepfried them whole, like whitebait. Or maybe they were a little big for that? Hey ho, great vid. Looking forward to seeing what became of them.

  12. says

    1) You funny man.
    2) Can’t imagine what happened to my invitation to come along on this trip? 😉
    3) While Adam was working on reeling in that enormous fish, you really thought that was the time to have him refocus to say “hi” to the camera?

    Looks like an enviable time you all had! Hope you are well, Mister!

  13. Sirena says

    Great video! I loved the special effects. Looks like an amazing trip! Could you share what you used to create it? If you hadn’t told me it was your first i never would have known!

  14. says

    Matt, I think you’ve missed your calling! Okay, not really, your photography is amazing. But you’ve got a real talent for video editing. That was really your first time? You could certainly get a job on Blind Date

  15. says

    I think you did a great job with the video, especially for your first time editing! I liked the “title” pages and graphics, too. That you were able to film on such choppy water and not get sick is an accomplishment in itself.


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