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May 2009

Buenos Aires Round Up

by Matt on May 31, 2009

You know you’ve taken an amazing vacation when you’re so relaxed you can’t even form complete sentences nor sit up straight. And that’s exactly how I feel after my trip to Buenos Aires, a city I love so very very much.  This third trip to Argentina’s capital was a bit different for me, filled with [...]


My New Favorite Thing: Salsa Golf

by Matt on May 22, 2009

The best part about visiting Argentina, a country so rich with culture and tradition, is that you’re bound to create new discoveries with each trip. Last week it was something as simple as tasting a condiment for the first time that sent my brain into overdrive. Salsa Golf, a pale slightly orange spread with a [...]


Bife de Chorizo from Bar Del Gallego, Bonpland 170 in Palermo,  Buenos Aires.


I remember reading her words like it was yesterday. Molly once said that prunes were among the few foods with their own built-in laugh track. And gosh darnit, she’s right. I still giggle when I think about them, even when people were saying they were delicious and I should try them. And you know exactly [...]


The photo above comes from yours truly and the California Avocado Commission. I’m blessed to work with them on photo assignments, shooting amazing recipes and eating beautiful California avocados until I burst (well, I wait until they leave the studio before I make a pig of myself, actually).  This recipes was created by  Mary Sue [...]


Introducing Studio b.

by Matt on May 4, 2009

My class at studio b. has been postponed. Check back shortly for updates. Ok, I’m trying to contain my excitement about this upcoming project but I can’t, I just can’t! It’s called Studio b. and it’s the brainchild of Colleen Duffley, photographer and image-maker extraordinaire. After 25 years of shooting people, places and gorgeous things [...]


Home Sweet Home

by Matt on May 1, 2009

Relish Austin at the Austin American Statesman / Austin has a quick lil feature on the contents of my fridge and boy, it sure ain’t pretty! But hey, when the delightful Addie Broyles asked if I’d participate in “What’s In Your Fridge Friday” I knew I had to say yes!  Even though I’ve been [...]