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Relish Austin at the Austin American Statesman / Austin 360.com has a quick lil feature on the contents of my fridge and boy, it sure ain’t pretty! But hey, when the delightful Addie Broyles asked if I’d participate in “What’s In Your Fridge Friday” I knew I had to say yes!  Even though I’ve been a West Coaster for 14 years Austin is still my home, no matter what. You can’t really take the Texas out of a boy, can you?

Check it out and please be prepared: Not everything in my life is nice, pretty and neat. Which reminds me that I need to eat that leftover chili and cornbread soon!


  1. says

    I’ve definitely seen worse fridges (like my own this week!). Thanks so much for opening the fridge door into your life :).

    See you soon!


  2. says

    I dunno mate, that looks like a pretty tidy fridge to me. Amen with the Nouc Cham. so what is the most obscure thing in your fridge?

  3. says

    Matt, looks suspiciously similar to the contents of my own fridge! (Except for that huge pot of chili and the corn bread).

  4. says

    It’s such a relief to know that other people’s refrigerators look like mine. I get scared by all those people on perfect pantry. My entire top shelf is taken up by condiments.

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    Your fridge looks very happy, full, and well-equipped for whatever sandwich heads its way. Noticed that cheese was one of your favorite photo stars. I’m working on my own photos for my cheese blog and would love to hear any photographing advice you have to give or direct me towards for showing the dairy love in photos. Someday when you have time.

  6. Sarah says

    I am such a snoop. I love a fridge reveal. Yours looks like messy good fun, and I mean that in the best possible way. I dream of chili and cornbread. So many varieties to cook and so little time to eat them all!

    I am endlessly bored with all the antiseptic sub zeroes filled with assorted imported bottled waters, exotic juices, and other single serve beverages all lined up with labels facing due north. I mean where the hell is their food? The other sad fridge I never want to see again or worse, have in my own house, is one filled largely with restaurant leftovers.

    I want to shop better, cook better, and eat better. And if that means my kitchen looks different than Martha Stewart’s perfect ones then so be it. I love her to pieces, but I will never be her. And trying to be so perfect all the time makes me miserable. After going on a Martha binge where I try to be everything to everyone everywhere looking picture perfect I end up with the style fridges I just mentioned. Both very different and very unhappy states to be in.

    I applaud your fridge and confidence to share it so openly. Now let me in there to have some chili and cornbread please :-)


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