Introducing Studio b.


My class at studio b. has been postponed. Check back shortly for updates.

Ok, I’m trying to contain my excitement about this upcoming project but I can’t, I just can’t! It’s called Studio b. and it’s the brainchild of Colleen Duffley, photographer and image-maker extraordinaire. After 25 years of shooting people, places and gorgeous things all around the world she’s decided to embark on a creative endeavor of the different kind. Studio b. is a creative venue that brings together the best of the best and the up and coming in the fields of photography, art, design, literature, food, and wine. It’s a big relaxed creative mixer and “a playground for the imagination” as she calls it.

There will be seminars, classes and inspirational lectures by some of the world’s most creative folks like India Hicks, Donna Hay, Paula Lambert, my pals William Smith and Pouke, Kim Sunee, and Simon Doonan, to name a few, all held in the beautiful location of Alys Beach, Florida. Just looking at the “classroom” space is enough to send this boy into a dreamy haze.

I’m particularly thrilled to be joining the line-up in September. While I haven’t worked out my lesson plan just yet (yes, there will be a pop quiz!) I’ll be teaching a class on blogging, photography, dorkiness and a few other secret topics dancing around my noggin. It’s currently scheduled for the end of September, I’ll have exact details for you very soon!


Studio b. kicks off its summer schedule with style maven India Hicks on June 5, 2009. Many of you may know her from Bravo’s Top Design (I’m a huge fan of her father David Hick’s design work) and if you’re interested in the schedule please make sure to check it out. My pal William Smith will be teaching a class as well and I’m sure it will be extra fabulous.

I’ll post updates as the schedule firms up and I’ll also nag Colleen for photos of events to share with you. Hope to see you at Studio b. in September!

For more information please check out Studio b.’s website and also this clip.


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    I will absolutely, positively be there for your seminar! Seeing your amazing photostream on Flickr is what motivated me to try my hand at food photography in the first place.

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    Nice! VERY Nice, Matt! If I were a U.S. resident, I’d be there. Too bad I’m not. Hehehehe! Goodluck on the seminars! I’m sure it would be a lot of fun!

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    wow this is soooo cool. one of my favorite bloggers with someone i know. small world. i worked with colleen many moons ago when she worked with neiman marcus in dallas and had her studio here…i love small world moments.

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    I love what you wrote about Studio B and your site as well! I can probably learn a lot from you, I am sure! I am supposed to teach some kid’s culinary camps this summer at Studio B as well, so maybe I can make it back to your class. Would love to meet you! Best, Alison

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    I am a hyperlocal blogger in the community where Studio B is located – South Walton county where jaw-dropping Alys Beach is located – and I can’t tell you how excited I am to attend your seminar! My husband is Director of F&B/Executive Chef of Alys Beach and I am a culinary school grad myself – we are die-hard foodies as well! And of course blogging is my obsession as well 😉 Your seminar will be a highlight of my year!!!

    Colleen is an amazing woman, I am honored to know her, and she is creating something incredibly special for, not only our area, but the Southeast and beyond! Can’t wait to meet you, Matt, in September!

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    this is just everyone’s dream (to achieve this I mean). Congratulations in order to your amazing and creative friend.


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    This is a great idea/event series. Big foodies here so will be hoping to attend
    Have eaten at the chefs table in Emerils kitchen before. Absolute TREAT

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    was in Florida this year its pretty ok, but I like the north part better, but the House shure looks great and the Photos are great.

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