Good Bite: Delicious Made Easy

by Matt on June 23, 2009

good-bite-color1Well folks, I’m so thrilled I can finally tell you about a new project we’ve all been working on called Good Bite. It launched last night and judging from the comments from the Twittersphere it looks like it’s off to a great start!

Billed as “Top Food Bloggers, fresh ideas – making cooking fun and easy”, Good Bite is a comprehensive site featuring a few of my favorite blogging peers (and yours truly) as well as great recipes and ideas. Click around the site, spend some time and you might actually discover some great recipes as well as see some of us in action. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to be a part of this project that was created by DECA, and would you look at who’s on the site? Holy moly it’s a fantastic line up and I’m honored to be in their company! It’s like a superstar food blogging panel and I’m lucky enough to call many of them close friends. How I snuck in under the radar I’ll never know.

But all this means nothing if there ain’t great easy recipes behind it. And there are, trust me. In fact I’ll be making one of Deb’s recipes this weekend when I’m not obsessing about how fat my head is or why one of my eyes is wonky or how it sucks to get old and lose all your hair.

Check out the site, watch my friends in action (especially Jaden, damn that woman was made for television, don’t you think?) and enjoy Good Bite!

Below is my first segment with the gorgeous Catherine and Diane. Seriously people, I get to hang out with beautiful girls like this? Don’t be jealous!

P.S. Diane did an amazing wrap up of the project over at her site. Make sure to check it out.