Cornichon and Gelato

by Matt on July 12, 2009

When my friend Tana asked if I’d be interested in taking her maternity photos I couldn’t say yes fast enough!  We often joke about how she is the long lost sister of my husband: they’re both big, tall, gorgeous redheads. Plus she’s got the sweetest husband on the planet. While I don’t normally share the photos I take unrelated to food on my site I couldn’t help but post this because 1) there will be a new baby girl in my extended family and I’m going to be an adopted uncle and 2) Tana’s brilliant idea of Pickles & Ice Cream makes me laugh and I had to share it. Guess that’s one of the perks of being married to a food stylist, no?


With love and smiles and anticipation…we can’t wait to meet her, T & B! We love you guys so very much.

P.S. We’ll both be tweeting the birth. They’ll let me and a photo assistant in there during labor, right?