Cornichon and Gelato

When my friend Tana asked if I’d be interested in taking her maternity photos I couldn’t say yes fast enough!  We often joke about how she is the long lost sister of my husband: they’re both big, tall, gorgeous redheads. Plus she’s got the sweetest husband on the planet. While I don’t normally share the photos I take unrelated to food on my site I couldn’t help but post this because 1) there will be a new baby girl in my extended family and I’m going to be an adopted uncle and 2) Tana’s brilliant idea of Pickles & Ice Cream makes me laugh and I had to share it. Guess that’s one of the perks of being married to a food stylist, no?


With love and smiles and anticipation…we can’t wait to meet her, T & B! We love you guys so very much.

P.S. We’ll both be tweeting the birth. They’ll let me and a photo assistant in there during labor, right?


  1. says

    I love love love this! she’s beautiful and how lucky is she to have you take those gorgeous photos and to have such a loving husband (I can tell from a single image that he is!).

  2. Marnel Tucker says

    I know and love T&B…this is a wonderful picture of them, a joyous and long lasting memory has been made by your beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing it! The pickles and ice-cream….Tana is a genius, I am sure you already know that! I love all your pics! Great job!!

  3. says

    Here’s what’s amazing about the pickles and ice cream: They’re SO OBVIOUS and yet SO BRILLIANT AND UNEXPECTED at the same time!

  4. sarah says


    cornichon and gelato. just so rad that i can’t comment any more than “lol.”

  5. Sarah says

    What a lucky baby to have such gorgeous photos of his/her family to cherish always.

    Best wishes to the adorable couple and their growing family.

    The picture of her with the gelato and cornichon concoction should be on the cover of a pregnancy cookbook for sure!

  6. says

    Gorgeous, give me the tingles. Congrats to all of you: Mother, Father and Uncles!
    Make’s me almost want to have a kid……um……well……give me that pickles and ice cream first and I’ll think about it!!

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