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Last month Adam and I did some work for Design*Sponge’s In The Kitchen With Column. Our friend Kristina, the column’s editor, was in town from Rome and we spent a marvelous day styling and photographing. I had a slight creative melt-down over one of the recipe’s images, more on that later. But it’s always a blast working with Grace and Kristina. Make sure you head over there for the recipe for this delicious salad and check out the column over the next couple of weeks. Have a great weekend and for those of you heading to the Food Blogging Camp in Mexico this weekend I’ll see you guys soon!


  1. says

    I learn so much when I work with you guys in the studio!! When are you going to put up a link to the food workshops? I want to check out one later in 2010!! Thanks for all the great tips and help!!!

  2. june2 says

    Wait, she lives in Rome and edits Design Sponge, an American web-site? I’ve got to re-arrange my work life to be more like THAT! and the pink grapefruits on the tree in my back garden are going off (meaning, the tree is loaded) – I’ll give this salad a try, thanks.

  3. says

    Well, this salad has been a personal favorite for years, but I must say, I’ve never seen it looking finer. Just lovely.


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