Matt & Cheese!

Hey folks!  I’m super excited about this quick little teaser for a new video series project I’m working on with a really incredible production team. In the upcoming video I’ll take you behind the scenes in my studio as I work on some cheese related stuff, check back soon for the complete video. In the meantime enjoy my big fat giant head, won’t you?


  1. says

    what a fabulous teaser indeed ! you’ll have your readers wanting to see more of you — and to dig into some cheese too ! 😉 looking forward to seeing more of the video project…

  2. Joe Randazzo says

    Well, it’s about time! I’m always ’round for any post production graphics you might need! Love ya brotha!

  3. Tana says

    Your head isn’t huge; you are darling and entertaining; you have a great voice; this is going to be great.

    I’ll Be Back for More

  4. kphipps says

    Matt, this looks great! Please tell me they’re going to play the Benny Hill theme in the part where you’re going around really fast :-)

  5. says

    Wow. My hero! My multimedia hero! Nice job Matt.
    Now, next task: give us the odor of cheese at the same time! WORC have to teach you how to make a smell-o-vision.

  6. says

    I don’t know how the cheese managed to survive long enough to be photographed! This looks great, looking forward to the rest :) Trying to get into food photography, so it’s cool to see how you’ve set up the shots.

  7. says

    Hi Matt,
    First time on your blog…what can I say about it? Wowwww !!!!!
    I loved the video of the day you were with Martha Stewart, and you made the Argentine alfajores, with dulce de leche….as an Argentinian, I felt honoured. I started blogging only two months ago….No idea about photography, just a good camera, and personal instinct… I wish I knew as much as you do…
    Thanks for the inspiration you provide to all bloggers….
    from Paris, Cristina, de Buenos aires

  8. says

    Yikes! I just had to run to the kitchen to dig out a box of crackers and some cheese. It made for a good breakfast though. I’ll have to prepare for the complete video and stock up on special cheese and crackers since I just ate my way through my supply. Well, maybe not really the whole supply. 😉

  9. says

    I love doing that as well, spending hours in the studio shooting whatever I want without anyone looking over my shoulder! I’m gonna be really interested in seeing the final results of the video. Great teaser..:)

  10. says

    Matt – what a great idea! I loved seeing what the studio looked like…and the cheese & etc made me wanting more…..looking forward seeing more! Best regards from NYC JR

  11. says

    Wow Matt! How fun! Cheese + Honey + ___ = Yum! I recently discovered “Cultured” magazine. Are you familiar? So interesting – and so many nice cheese photos. Like this teaser, it just makes me want to sink into a spot by the fire with a little nibble of something pungent and a nice glass of vino.

  12. Matt says

    Thank you Jennifer! And yes, I love Culture! I’ve photographed a few assignments for them in the past, love love love them!

  13. says

    I’ve discovered your blog just a few months ago, but let me say something: you don’t have a big head, but a head full of big ideas, that’s the difference! 😀
    Looking forward to see more of this project, I really like your style.

    Greeetings from Italy 😀


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