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April 2010

Cowboy Beans

by Matt on April 30, 2010

Hi. Remember me? I hope you do. And I hope you’ll go easy on me when I say that food blogging has been a little bit down on my list of things that have gotten done around here. And for that I’m sorry. After my trip last month to Virginia, a few interviews, a book [...]


Welcome to our third installment of cook book reviews from Kristina Gill. It’s a spirited edition, don’t say I did not warn you! However, if you’re like me I suspect you’ll enjoy a personal take on some of the themes dealt with in a couple of the books from one of my most favorite people [...]


I keep making the joke that I’m slowly becoming the Rona Barrett of food blogging and I think it’s actually becoming a reality much faster than I thought. And you know what? I’m cool with that. A huge reason why I began blogging was to share stories and the personalities behind the food. Interviewing both [...]


Giveaway: How To Cook Everything To Go!

by Matt on April 19, 2010

Thanks to Culinate and Wiley, I’ve been playing around with Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything To Go app for the iphone for a few days already. If you are like me, you use his book How To Cook Everything as a guide and as a great way to jump start many meals. Now imagine [...]

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A few minutes with Alice Waters

by Matt on April 16, 2010

Alice Waters needs no introduction. And I’m not sure I could even put the words together to describe her even if I tried. She’s a force, a pioneer, a woman so essential to conscious eating and good food that anything I say will only fall short. When my friends at Random House asked if I’d [...]