Grilled Corn with Feta & Lime Vinaigrette

Summer is around the corner but you really don’t need me to tell you this. We’re about to embark on High Grill Season, a time of year marked with non-stop outdoor recipes, summer sides and grilled meats. We’re all bound to go overboard during summer and you know what? That’s fine with me. Because if any season speaks to me about the bounty of food it’s certainly summer.

What I love most about summer cooking is that it gives us certain cooks a pass on formality.  A little of this, some of that,  it’s a good time to veer just a teeny bit from the exact science of cooking. Perhaps this is because the cooking wildcard known as The Grill can’t be controlled but coaxed, befriended but never bossed. I’m sure some folks with expensive built-in outdoor gas grills may have better luck with this but me? I don’t have that. I’ve learned to love  a flame that acts like a mischievous child — give it the right upbringing and it behaves. Ignore and neglect it and it”ll disappoint you and disappear.

When I head outdoors to cook I’m usually armed with very little other than food & tongs. There might be a spray bottle near to keep flare-ups down but I like to keep it simple during summer. Those big and bold warm-weathered flavors don’t really need a lot of fuss. I think a perfect example of this is grilled corn, its sweet flavor really only needs a little bit of salt and pepper. Or a simple vinaigrette that we whipped up last weekend when testing a few recipes. Corn is grilled, drizzled with vinaigrette and then sprinkled with feta. It’s a riff on one of my favorite salads and it works marvelously.

Grilled Corn with Feta & Lime Vinaigrette

No no no, I am not about to give you measurements for this because my brain is full from writing recipes for a book. But trust me, it’s not hard to do. Grill corn to your liking, with husk or without, soaked or not. Once cooked, drizzle or brush with a vinaigrette that’s two parts olive oil to one part fresh lime juice and just a tiny bit of lime zest. Sprinkle crumbled feta cheese and chopped cilantro on top, season with a bit of cracked black pepper and salt if you’d like. That’s it. It couldn’t be easier.


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    I made a similar recipe last year out of gourmet magazine and it was absolutely the best corn I’ve ever had!

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    Matt, I love the “recipe” style–so eclectic, yet so filled with passion and promise. We are still about one month away from having corn, but I’m thinking of my grilled corn and about making some feta. I’ve missed your voice in the recent cookbook series. It is so wonderful to hear your oh, so unique take on life and food. This post is one of the best I’ve read. Thanks for your inspiration. Nancy

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    We recently did something similar in a cooking class with grilled corn except instead of the marinade we mixed feta with mayonnaise and some chipotle pepper powder. Students initially made faces but then asked for seconds. A delightful way to dress up corn!

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    I think you read my mind! I had something very similar at a Mexican restaurant in New York last summer and was just thinking about how wonderful it was, eating grilled corn with lime and cheese, while perched on a crowded sidewalk at the end of a long, hot day. Thanks for this!

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    OMG when I first saw this picture, I thought it was salt on the corn!
    Great accompaniment to the BBQ books. I can soooo taste this!
    Too bad I can’t celebrate Memorial Day wichall.

  6. Liane says

    I can’t stop staring at the way you tied the husk! That is gorgeous! I am planning a dinner party in my mind right now just so I can present corn in that fashion. Do you have a certain way of securing it around the back?

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    We just grilled some corn last evening, but now I will have to have some tonight after seeing this! What a neat idea to tie the husks in a know. I love the simplicity of summer meals and all the grilling opportunities so I can stay out of the kitchen.

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    that food stylist of yours really did a number on those husks. perfectly wrapped. + the lime on top + the surface. beautiful. can’t wait to try this as soon as i get grilling!

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    Ooooo… Just seeing the first corn coming out of the fields here in Texas. I have never put feta on my grilled corn!!! This looks fabulous and since I have some feta in the fridge it is going right on my corn tonite!!!

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    Sounds fresh, easy and tasty…all why I love to grill; year round and in CO that means I’ve been out there in snow! Not as important but part of the love of grilling? Cleanup…I rarely have a roasting pan that has to be managed after I’m too full to want to bother with dishes!

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    Isn’t it great how corn can be so good dressed up or dressed down? It’s good for so many different occasions.

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    Hello gorgeous! Look at that corn! I can’t say I’ve ever tried the lime feta combo. I’ll be making this the minute corn hits our market! Looks amazing!

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    The simplicity is just beautiful. It allows all of the flavors to shine and it reminds people that not everything needs a recipe. It will be a great showcase for our local Texas corn.

  14. says

    Grilled corn on the cob with a lime vinaigrette what could be better.
    Alright it’s time to fire up the grill.

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    It’s 91 degrees F. with a heat index of 104 F. this early evening. But I think I’ll send hubby outside anyway, to grill us some of this corn. It’ll be worth it. Even he will think so.


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