The Posts That Never Made It

About two years ago someone once said something about me that at first made me laugh but then got under my skin. The comment was along the lines that I live a “highly art-directed life”, meaning it’s all pretty and most things I do are glossy and stylish and there’s no room for imperfection. HA! They surely don’t know me well enough, that’s for sure. Just like everyone else I can be messy, my life is filled with imperfect moments and if you’ve seen my junk drawers then you know I’m only human. If anything I’m very good at self-editing, I think this comes from a marketing and design career where stories and ideas and images go through rounds and rounds of edits before being made public. Every now and then I begin blog posts that never quite make it; either they burn out like a firecracker or get killed in my random editing process (read: laziness). Or sometimes they are just too racy. But today I thought it might be fun to share some of the things that weren’t quite ready for prime time. Today I’m sharing The Posts That Never Made It.

Thank god I never posted this. It was a post about my uppity thoughts on ribs and barbecue in general. I’ll still maintain that I know a little sumthin-sumthin about barbecue because I’m from Texas and we alllllll know our barbecue. But then I realized that if I proclaimed that I knew what was best about grilling meats that I’d never be able to say “Oh, you know, I’m not sure, let me try what you’ve got cookin’ up there.” And then I realized that I’d probably never get invited to North or South Carolina.  So I scratched the post completely but don’t think it we meet in person I won’t secretly give you my very biased opinion about it. Cuz I totally will.

I shot these little sweet treats last year for a greeting card company.  I still think they are some of the prettiest little treats I’ve shot but there wasn’t really a story behind it so I pulled it. I was going to tell you at the time that I ate about 16 small cheesecakes that were left in my fridge and how sick I felt afterward thanks to a slight dairy intolerance but that’s not really appetizing, is it?

I created these graphics for a post I wrote about banning anything sexual when writing about figs. And then I realized that in my ranting the post itself became sexual and well, I could lose the millions I make off this blog in corporate sponsorship! But seriously, where do I get off telling writers how to write when I can barely string together a sentence? I’d probably be irritated if a writer told me how to make pictures, ya know? Plus that photo is kind of, well, um, you know. If you saw it at high res you’d scream. Or smile. Enough Matt, stop! Next!

See this Strawberry Trifle? Well, it’s just whipped cream, strawberries, vanilla pudding and spongecake. And it can all be store-bought. And while I’m ok with writing recipe suggestions I couldn’t get a certain semi-homemade someone out of my brain. And then I realized at this point in my career I can’t really poke fun of anyone because a) it’s not nice and b) I should know better and c) inevitably someone knows someone-who-knows-someone-who-knows-you-know-who will read it and all that jazz. It’s just not good form I’ve decided. But I will not let this post go without telling you about the joke I made that involves an image of me on top of this woman. See? My mind is still stuck in 2nd grade dirty humor.

And finally, I toyed with the idea of a Mattbites mailbag from the submitted questions from This was a test I did but felt it was a bit clunky. The audio was muffled, I said “um, ah” way too many times, and the videowork is really amateurish. Plus I said “my twitter account” like someone who doesn’t understand the internet, like “my faceplace page” or “my tweetspace” or something like that.  It’s lived hidden on Vimeo for the past two months but in the spirit of this post I figured “why not?” And maybe, just maybe, I’ll work on my video chops and actually answer more questions.


  1. says

    hey matt
    i thoroughly enjoyed this post…especially the video. the look after you said the hot dog and kiwis was priceless. made me LOL.
    photos are unbelievable as usual.

  2. says

    Dear Matt, this post captures the very essence of why we love you. You have an exceptional eye, superb style, expansive knowledge, yet you aren’t afraid to also be human. Can’t wait to catch up with you.

  3. says

    Do people really assume that blogs give them an accurate and complete insight into the bloggers’ lives? With perhaps the exception of those life diary blogs that share every intimate detail of what the blogger does, thinks and feels, the rest are surely just a small facet the blogger chooses to share.

    If anyone judged my entire life from my blog, whilst they’d cotton on to how much I love food, they’d miss so very much about me, even on the food side let alone the rest of my life!

    Great post, made me smile often!

  4. says

    Loved it, and all the pics, as usual, are great. By the way, admiring your portfolio, I can definitely say that even the ” mess ” is highly art-directed; and very very well.

  5. says

    I NEVER thought I’d see CUPCAKES on MattBites.

    and Cindy is right. I kept making J*Nice look at that part of the video over and over and we were snorting we were laughing so hard.

    Your talent is wasted in 2-d!!!


  6. says

    Oh dear God in Heaven! You have sooooo made my day with this post AND the video – agree that the hot dog/kiwi look was priceless! And this is EXACTLY why I love you and this blog!

  7. laura says

    The story behind the sweet treats is that in the time span of about 12 hours
    Matt and Adam worked magic!! Styling and shooting over 75 sweets for the upcoming Walnuts and Rice card collections. We are ever grateful for such talent. The bonus was getting to eat the heavenly cheesecakes!

  8. Bernard Carr says

    Do people really assume that blogs give them an accurate and complete insight into the bloggers’ lives? With perhaps the exception of those life diary blogs that share every intimate detail of what the blogger does, thinks and feels, the rest are surely just a small facet the blogger chooses to share.

  9. says

    Love the mail bag!! Hot dogs and kiwis? Sweet & savory with a splash of hot sauce. Oh my, I think the kids just woke up, I need to clean up my mind :)
    Such a fun post as always. Wait I thought SL was cool?

  10. says

    in response to the “highly art-directed life” comment. matt, there is nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with beauty. when you create beautiful moments for a living, it is only natural. i find when you are creating, researching, and on the hunt for absolutely stunning things day in and day out, having anything but in your life seems silly and can even nag you. as a visually stimulated being, it simply implies you are talented and have taste. mistakes and imperfections along the way are inevitable and often inspiring.

  11. says

    I’m not going to lie, the fig post made me blush….that being said I had to look twice. I’ll never look at fig the same way again 😉

  12. says

    HI Matt,

    Just found you today…Guess I was living in a cave! :)

    I am looking for a candy (toffee apple in UK) apple treat you designed with sticks instead of lollipop holders that I saw on a blog, but cannot find the link. Can you please point me in the right direction?

    A fan!

  13. jen says

    The photos you took are amazing! Makes me wanna bite them right from my computer. LOL!

  14. says

    You were so cute in the video! Sure, there are definitely things that can be improved, but it was a great try. Hoping to see more of them in the future.

  15. Jim Longacre says

    I stumbled across your blog by accident (is that redundant?) and LOVE it! I could go on and on, but I won’t.


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