Hello everyone! I’m in Singapore for a few days, trying not to melt in the heat while lugging camera bags throughout town with the world’s best guide from the Singapore Tourism Board.  I’m thissssssss close to having my mail forwarded here and just not coming back except, well, I’d miss my family more than anything. But the food! The food! The food! I’ll have upcoming posts about this magical place that has stolen my heart in ways I never expected. Yea, I knew the food would be good but this place is off the chain, y’all. I mean that. And Mom? Call me when I get back so I can explain what off the chain means. It’s nothing bad. It’s just how we do.

My gosh I love this place.


  1. les b says

    Welcome to my home… a food lovers paradise.
    The STB will take good care of you and show you a mix of modern restaurants and some quirky Singapore food courts and “coffeeshops” which are out door eating areas under apartments; people relaxing after work having an ice cold Tiger beer, and a meal.
    I have lived here for 16 years and am sure you’ll enjoy your brief stay.
    Tips- walk s l o w l y; carry a small towel to wide perspiration, and in addition to the ten Singapore local favourites that the STB tells you to eat add… eating barbeque sting ray extra squeeze of lime, claypot Chicken rice (make sure you eat the crispy bits that are stuck to the side of the clay pot), make sure your parata (indian ‘croissant”) is extra crispy; steam Char Siew Bao (Pork bun) fresh from Tiong Bahru Bao- best in Singapore, Bak Kut Teh – Pepper spare rib soup with tea to wash the fat through the system- but ask for the pork leg (pork hock cooked slowly in sweet soy sauce). There are several restaurants that have Sen Sei (CHinese doctors) that will assess your health and then recommend a meal to make you “better”. And Nasi padang – Malay/Indonesian rice- in Jalan Pisang- ( translated as “Banana road”) any rendang (slow cooked curry beef), and b-b-q sotong (squid) and samabal vegetables.
    As A Singaporean migrant, may i say “relak, lah!” sit back and enjoy culinary heaven

  2. says

    Yaaay! I LOVE when people head out of the country and tell us all about it and since I spent 3 years living in Asia I’m biased toward that part of the world.

    Is that a shot of spiny rambutan I see in your photos? I miss that variety of strange, but delicious tropical fruit found in SE Asia and what we get here is usually on its’ last leg.

    I can’t wait to hear and see all about your trip!

    Wishing you safe travels.

  3. Tres Amie says

    It looks more like durian, the infamous fruit that is banned from buses and trains all over southeast Asia! If you can get past the rotten meat smell, it can be delicious.

  4. says

    Oh! Lovely. I love the vintage-y look of these photos. Did you use a real Polaroid? Or did you use an action set to make them? I’ve been wanting to turn some of our wedding photos into “polaroids” in Photoshop, but I haven’t found the right action set for it. Have fun on the rest of your trip!

  5. Lynette says

    hello, and welcome to Singapore!! did you actually try a durian? or are you just taking photos of them? =p
    frm a big fan.

  6. says

    Mmm… the food. It’s definitely in a class of its own. I’m planning a trip to Singapore later this year and am already preparing a list of local dishes I want to eat while I’m there!

    Happy eating – it is after all the Singaporean national pastime (next to shopping).

    P.S. Love the photo collage.

  7. says

    welcome to singapore! can’t wait to see the other photographs of your trip. and do try the durian, i’d love to hear what you think of it. :)

  8. sylvy says

    Hi Matt, I’m glad you love Singapore! I hope you’ve tried those durians whose picture you’ve put up – they’re in season now so you’re bound to get some bloody great specimens! Don’t just try chilli crab – go for salted egg yolk crab, butter crab, pepper crab and the like! And it would be a sin if you didn’t try fried carrot cake (known as chai tow kuay), wanton mee and char kuay teow! Singapore may seem like a weird little city that doesn’t sell chewing gum, has many campaigns and is ruled under a democratic govt that runs like a dictatorship (or at least that’s what most Americans I’ve met think) but i’d like to think our stupendous love for food is unrivalled, and is the common thread that bonds us all! :)

  9. mabel says

    you’re here??
    I have to see you,touch you, and fawn all over your gorgeous tatts!!
    Fran, those are durians 😀
    im sure chubby hubby is taking real good care of you.

  10. says

    Matt, we should have scheduled a public appearance for you. Maybe have you sit in TWG Tea at Ion and throw macarons at hungry fans for an hour. :-) I am sure peeps would come from all over the island to see you.

    Hope everything is proceeding well. Seeya soon!

  11. says

    Singapore! Oh how I miss thee – I was born and raised there.
    I planned my ‘food itinerary’ when I went back home for 2 weeks for Chinese New Year after being away for a few years. To my dismay, I found out it would take me a whole month of eating to try everything that I wanted to.
    Just be sure to try the essentials – Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab, Char Kuey Teow, Laksa, Hokkien Mee…… oh my gosh, there are so many to list!
    Enjoy your time there!

  12. says

    I know you are already a little overloaded on the food but you can burn off the calories back home on the thread mill. There is still lots for you to taste! See ya!

  13. Blossom says

    Hiya Matt!
    Welcome to the mothership! Glad you’re enjoying your time here exploring all the glorious food this little dot on the globe has to offer! And I totally second Sylvy on trying out other crabs beside the chilli crab. My all time favourite is the Salted Egg crab. It’s totally heavenly!!
    It’s so exciting to have you visit! Have a blast with the rest of your time in town. Feast fest! Feast fest! It’s all we Singaporeans ever do and I hope you do come back to feast with us again soon! I’m very much looking forward to seeing your post on your local food adventures!

  14. says

    OMG! This is where I am right now! Oh, yes, Singapore has the BEST food ever! Can’t wait to read about all the stuff you’re gonna eat/ate! Try to stay cool…I’m taking 3-4 showers a day!!

  15. says

    i’m so glad that you got to experience singapore and love it! i miss home so much but i did get to spend 3 mths there and just returned. i still miss it.

    can’t wait to hear about all your favorite eats!

  16. says

    How exciting Matt! Can’t wait to read more details about what makes Singapore so fabulous. Your photos will be a real treat! That Kava stuff you had for breakfast sounds like it was wonderful. xo

  17. says

    All my blogging friends are globe trotting and taking me with them via their blogs! Thanks for this post card from Singapore. Look forward to the next post.


  18. says

    Gee…, although I love being home, sometimes (like now, reading your blog) I wonder what the heck am I doing sitting here!Life goes by in a flash and we think we have all the time in the world..
    So, enjoy it for the many who can’t.
    And congrats! You have a wonderful life!
    And blog!!!:)

  19. laimeidy says

    welcome to singapore ! am so thrilled that you are (or were) here and shall keep my beady eye out for your writeup. hope you had a blast! 😀

  20. says

    I just couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for Singapore the one and only time I was there. The food was fine but, coming from Bankgok, it couldn’t compete with what I can get here and the cost was much higher. Overall, having been to about 45 countries, I have to say Singapore was the most boring. Sorry Singapore :(

    Absolutely adore your blog, btw, your photos are stunning.

  21. says

    Just got back 2 days ago and reading this has made me even more nostalgic for home. Can’t wait to read about your trip.

    And Hipstamatic is just about the best app ever invented!

  22. E says

    Oh man, what timing. I got home from Singapore, stumbled across your blog in the deep recesses of my “favorites” folder, and was so excited to see that you’re there now!

    Can’t wait to read about your experiences and see all the pictures (especially the food)!!

  23. says

    Was great seeing you while here. Can’t wait to read about all your visits… sounds like they really had your schedule packed full :)


  24. says

    Sing?!!! LOVE IT!… Lived in Penang Malaysia for 15 years and always jumped over to Singapore for visa run. Seeing the pic of the durian … better known as the KING …. makes my mouth water! Yes grrrrreat food indeed… but the “Penangites”… might argue with ya on that! shhh…. don’t tell anyone but Penang wins the blue ribbon for the “best” food… hands down! :)


  25. says

    Wow, your post makes me homesick! I hope you enjoy your trip as much as I am loving reading your blog right now!


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