Martha’s Cookie Of The Day: Matt’s Alfajores

Last night Evita was on television. It reminded me of our past few visits to Argentina which made me hop on the computer to find a particular image of a street in Buenos Aires. Then this morning I woke up to find that my alfajores are Martha’s Cookie Of The Day.  It’s like all this Argentine love is surrounding me and that makes me very happy. Except Evita was a British creation with an Italian-American actress and my cookies are made by a Mexican-American with cookies heavily influenced by a little old lady from Illinois. Oh god I have a headache now.

Check out the cookies here. Thanks, Martha!


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    Wow, they look lovely. When I got the daily cookie on my inbox, I remembered I had viewed your video. Argentinian love all around, also on the world cup.
    Congratulations Matt 😉

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    I have never before heard of alfajores. This sounds very international, and I love it, as I’m in an international mood these days what with watching all the World Cup games.


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    How exciting! It was a photo alfajores that got me hooked on your site in the first place. My fiance and I are tango dancers, and those cookies were one of our favorite take aways from Argentina.

    My friend made your recipe for a dinner party that we threw, and though they are different than the Havannas I’m used to, they were wonderful.

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    i love cookies. i have never had an alfajores though.
    i hope you will make them for me the next time i fly out to see you.

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    How fun to spread the yummy gospel of alfajores. We eat them all over Chile too although here they love to roll the sides in grated coconut or crushed walnuts here before dusting with sugar.

    Did you find these freeze well? They are ideal to make a batch and have on hand for any attack of the munchies…

    Thanks for sharing. Great to meet you at IACP!

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    Congrats! I was in the audience during that show and you were awesome! Now I want to make these cookies….thanks A LOT Martha 😉

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    These do look awesome, so much so I followed the link and saved the recipe for the weekend! I don’t bake often, but when I do everyone is much more appreciative for it. Keep the good stuff coming!


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    I absolutely LOVE alfajores. One of my Spanish instructors in college was from Buenos Aires and every Friday she would bring enough alfajores and submarino chocolates for all two-hundred of her students. Talk about freshmen 15.


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