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August 2010

Book Reviews: Paris

by Matt on August 30, 2010

I’m off to Paris and am leaving you in the mighty fine hands of Kristina Gill. She regularly covers book reviews here and this week it’s all things Paris! Take it away, Lady K! Despite my hourly contact with Matt on a daily basis, it was way after the fact that I learned that he [...]


The Last Cobbler

by Matt on August 27, 2010

In a few days I’ll be hopping on another plane to a place that promises lots of good food, relaxation, sunshine and wine. It’s a trip we’ve been planning for a while, but what I wasn’t planning on was real life enveloping the weeks before and after this excursion. In this case real life means [...]


Working at Jordan Winery

by Matt on August 24, 2010

See that photo above? Can you believe how beautiful it is? That dappled sunlight through the trees is on a road at Jordan Winery in Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley, a place where I’ve spent a few days last week photographing almost anything and everything I could get my hands on. To say it’s heaven on [...]



by Matt on August 17, 2010

Yes, I just had to. Churros + Cajeta + Bastardization Of French Recipe = Awesome. Or terrible. You decide.


Meanwhile, over at The Cooking Channel…

by Matt on August 17, 2010

Hi folks! I’m not sure I announced it here but I’m so pleased to say that I’m a regular contributor to Cooking Channel’s Devour The Blog.  I’ve had the best time creating recipes that focus on real flavor, great ingredients with a built-in element of fun and flare (and this is because I always have [...]


Martha Stewart Bloggers’ Night Out

by Matt on August 8, 2010

Well hello there everyone! How’s your summer? I feel like I haven’t been around here too much and I’ve missed everyone. I’ve been busy with projects and can’t wait to update you on them. Soon enough! This past week we took a quick break to head to New York.  It was a week of amazing [...]