My Man! That is the most pathetic”Croquembouche”I’ve ever seen(with the possible exception of first year apprentices’ I’ve hired ,beginning attempts) and those odd looking “Chou”buns??? Sorry to take the wind out of your sails.The comments seem to be favorable but obviously from people who haven’t seen the “real thing” As a professional,semi retired European trained Chef with 50 years experience,I’m looking to start a “Food Blog” and was perusing sites !Truthfully I didn’t continue onto your site after viewing your “photo” and being appalled at your misspelling of such a reverent classic French “CROQUEMBOUCHE”!! ‘Hope you don’t think I’m just being “Catty” and take it for constructive criticism ,from someone who is uniquely qualified to comment, having been trained(Back in the day) in Paris &Normandy.
    Bon Chance ! Brian.

    From Matt: Brian, thank you so much for reading the blog! No need to apologize about taking the wind out of my sails and I certainly don’t think you’re being “catty” at all! I always appreciate constructive criticism!

    But one quick question though: have you ever had a churro? 😉

  2. says

    I haven’t seen this in Mexico yet, but I love it! Creativity is the name of the game, unless we all want to continue eating the same thing, generation after generation.



    Well Matt! My sincere apologies ! This is a case of “Open mouth/ Insert foot” on my part. I just took another look at what you were attempting to do ! Churros and cajeta !!Mmmmmmm. Please forgive my above comments? A cautionary tale here “Look TWICE before you leap !!!I live in Massachusetts, sadly too far from you to have a “Forgiveness” drink !! Still I’ll be checking in on your site from time to time !! Merci !!

  4. Matt says

    No need to apologize! But you know I’m going to call or email you when I have questions about real French pastry and need guidance…my attempts would only make you laugh! Thanks for reading! :)

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    LOVE this! I love croquembouche and I love churros…sounds like a match made in heaven to me! Plus, if you can’t have a bit of a sense of humor and play with your food occasionally, what fun is life?

  6. says

    I adore your play on food, and I love the conversation with you and Brian. Both of you handled things SO kindly. I wish you’d give lessons to our folks in politics; it was such a giving exchange with a quick fix. Admiration to you!

  7. says

    Matt, I have been tossing around the idea of making a croquembouche for a couple years; but then I think about it sitting around the house for a day (honestly a mere few hours) or worse yet, sitting on my hips for a few weeks, and that stops me. Now, you have taken it to a whole other level – fried dough with Cajeta! Damn YOU! :)

    Lovely as always.

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    This is amazing. It reminds me of when my family ran out of chocolate for our chocolate fountain and as Mexicans, we naturally decided to make a nacho cheese fountain instead. :)

  9. Farihah says

    oh my gosh that looks amazing.
    i found you on tastespotting i think, through this recipe, and it’s totally convinced me to follow you.
    please please PLEASE tell me you have a recipe!!!!!!!!!!!


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