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Hi folks! I’m not sure I announced it here but I’m so pleased to say that I’m a regular contributor to Cooking Channel’s Devour The Blog.  I’ve had the best time creating recipes that focus on real flavor, great ingredients with a built-in element of fun and flare (and this is because I always have “party” on the brain, ya know).  This week I created a really simple Ice Cream Terrine with Sauteéd Peaches and I want you to go over there and check it out. For me, pretty please?

And a quick photo bonus for all us food photography geeks:

I took the photo on the left with a point and shoot camera. The right image was captured by my 5D. Never ever let it be said that you cannot take a good food photo because you don’t have an expensive camera. Just don’t. Your talent is greater than the camera you are using and you can make beautiful images with anything. Remember this!


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    I commented over there and here, too. Thanks so much for always providing such generous tips about the photography. You’ve really helped me improve my shots for my food blog.

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    Totally awesome example. Thanks for sharing this… “Gear is good Vision is better” as duChemin says… People get lost in all that goes into taking and making a photo that sometimes it helps to get this reminder… Tools are for craft, art is a totally different thing.

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    This looks so good. It’s so light and bright and summery. Perfect for the dog days of August. I’m in love with the Cooking Channel. It’s a rare occasion when I turn to the parent Food Network since this channel launched.

    I’m happy to see you “here” too. Mazel Tov! :)

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    Wow – Looks brilliant! And agreed about the photography situation! I only currently have a point and shoot an I think I can get a nice photo of food – Well -I hope they’re ok. Keep up the good work! Nic

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    Do you have any other tips on using a point and shoot ? I always thought I needed a DSLR to get better pictures but you have proven me wrong. I just have to work on my technique. I take with me today … Your talent is greater than the camera you are using and you can make beautiful images with anything. Thanks for this :-)

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    Hi! I agree completely. It’s never about the equipment and what you will need are skills and imaginations. But a Canon G11 isn’t really a regular point-and-shoot camera. It’s 10MP, has full manual control and can shoot in RAW.

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    I ran across this as I was looking for creative ways to use my own flavor infused oils and vinegars. I’m SO glad I found this site! You’ve found yourself a new fan here. I’ll be back again!


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