Spice Islands Flavor Explorer and a Contest!

Sugar and spice and everything nice, right? Well, I’m rather thrilled to announce a partnership with Spice Islands called The Spice Islands Flavor Explorer look closely at their website and you’ll see my lil mug…hi mom!)  I’ll be teaming up with them to provide recipes using their amazing collection of spices and extracts that will be featured on their new blog over at SpiceIslands.com/blog.  I’ll also get in my kitchen and have some fun with their pure Vanilla Extract, which is perfect for this time of year. And in case you didn’t know this (because I didn’t at first!) it’s all natural, made without corn syrup unlike other brands. But more on that later.

Now the last thing I want to do is sound like a commercial so let’s get this out of the way: I love them. I love their commitment to quality and their belief system about what they do, but equally important to me are the people behind the brand. I’ve since spent some time with the Spice Islands team and have some really fun stuff in store. I’m looking forward to sharing some really fun and delicious Spice Islands moments with you.

But first (and since we’re talking about vanilla here) I want to let you know that I’m hosting a contest called the Flavor Explorer: Vanilla Challenge. Submit your own original recipe using Spice Islands All Natural No Corn Syrup Added Pure Vanilla Extract for a chance to win $500 and a prize package filled with some of my favorite Spice Islands spices and blends. I’ll be selecting 3 finalists, making their recipes here and choosing the final winner so folks, make them good! (Not that I’ll have problems eating just about anything with vanilla since it ranks high up on my list of favorite flavors, you know).

And even if you don’t win numero uno there are still great prizes: the 10 semi-finalists will all get a Spice Islands prize package consisting of Spice Island products. I’m so very excited about this contest but you should head over to Spice Islands to read the official rules and all the legal stuff that you must know about. Once you’re ready to enter you can send your recipe and contact information to SpiceIslandsChallenge@c-k.com.

If you have any questions about the contest leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! Now let’s explore!

The Fine Print:  I’m a believer in full disclosure so here it goes: I am working with Spice Islands to develop recipes as well as host this contest. I am being paid. However, the opinions and statements made about Spice Islands are solely my own without any message being required from this partnership. It’s a spice line I truly believe in, it’s all my own ramblings about them, for better or for worse!


  1. says

    I am a big fan of Spice Island products as well. They are some of the highest quality that I have been able to find. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  2. Steve says

    How exciting for you.. and for your readers! Congrats on your partnership w/ Spice Islands! I’ll have to scour my arsenal for recipes!

  3. says

    good on you Matt! When you love something you shouldn’t ever have to hide it. looking forward to the vanilla loveliness that will come from this competition. cheers kari

  4. Tres Amie says

    Hey, Matt! Can you get my local (DC Metro area, Maryland) groceries to carry the Spice Island products? I cannot find them anywhere! I used to use their Beau Monde a lot for great dips and dressings, but it gets harder to find all the time.

  5. says

    The Safeway and Giant Food Stores should carry the Beau Monde seasoning in the DC area. Hopefully you have one of these stores near you! (If not, go to spiceislands.com and click on “contact us”. Include your zip code in your communication to us and we’ll be glad to search stores in your immediate area).

  6. Matt says

    Hello Tres Amie! Just in case you missed the response from Spice Islands I’ll email you right now with it. Thank you for reading!

  7. Tres Amie says

    Thanks Matt and Diane! I know that I have looked there in the past with no luck, but I do know how things change, so I will look again. :)

  8. says

    Congratulations Matt on this new venture!!!

    Just wanted to let you and the other readers know that I had a question about the rules and emailed Spice Islands and they responded back to me within 24 hours!!!
    I’ve been having lots of fun playing with vanilla and just emailed in my entry – hope they like it!

    Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with !!!


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