Spice Islands Flavor Explorer Update and announcing the winner on Friday!

by Matt on December 15, 2010

Man that was a long headline for this post, sorry about that! I wanted to share a few things about my Spice Islands Flavor Explorer project as well as let you know about the contest. First, for those of you who have entered I sincerely thank you! There were dozens of entries and they all looked absolutely amazing. We’ve whittled the entries to the final 10 and over the next few days I’ll be heading into my kitchen to create and taste them. And then I’ll cue up the drumroll and announce the winner as well as the runner-ups this Friday. I’m excited and as soon as I hit “send” for this post I plan on jogging around the block and running up and down my stairs to get into championship shape so that I can cook and eat like a pro. Ok, maybe I’ll skip the working out part.

In the meantime, I’ve written a few delicious recipes for the Spice Islands blog, have you seen them? I’ll be contributing recipes for the next few weeks but it was this recipe I wanted to draw your attention to.

In honor of a dear British friend (as well as in an effort to trick myself into thinking I’m not eating mounds of ‘french fries’), the recipe for my Paprika Chips with Roasted Garlic Cumin Aioli can be found here and holy smokes can I tell you that they’re good, if I do say so myself? They’re meant to snack on but they curiously became a main dish for me while photographing them at the studio and then I felt completely guilty that I ate nothing but fries, er, chips all day. Oh well, what else are holidays for?

Check back Friday for the winner! I gotta get busy — peace out!