Chipaquiles, For Tana C.

How I spent my afternoon: Making a very rough video. Something about necessity is the mother of invention. Or maybe that’s just potato chips.


  1. says

    Doesn’t look like a bad adaptation at all!

    So which ended up being the best choice: thick and smooth, rippled, or a combination of both?

  2. says

    if I weren’t getting on a plane tomorrow morning, I would be soooooo making this! Looks (and sounds!) fabulous! Hope all is well……missing Ixtapa……

  3. Sarah says

    This adorable recipe reminds me of one of the greatest women I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her name was Florence and until watching this video I hadn’t thought of her in years, she passed away about 10 years ago. Florence was kind, smart, bawdy and as old as my grandmas. I met her when I was 14 and oddly we became great friends.

    So the recipe, she was famous for one of her desserts. It was what she called Trashy Tiramisu. Instead of ladyfingers, she gently soaked Chips Ahoy in kahlua and coffee then layered them with whipped cream. We lived in an affluent often snobby suburb, so she loved serving this to ooohs and ahhhhs and only when the plates were cleaned from every last morsel would she give the recipe. Her laugh was pure joy.

    Thanks for being so delightfully you, and reminding me of my old friend.

  4. says

    You made me laugh out loud with delight…..
    It was fantastic seeing you in action and getting a TASTE of your sense of humor…

  5. Matt says

    Not at all! And you could use a lightly salted chip, I’m surprised how non-soggy they stayed for at least 20 minutes.

  6. says

    O.M.G. You have just made my day, who woulda thought the humble crisp could be upgrades to this marvel. I am so popping over to the shops and gettin’ a piece of this action. Thank you Matt for you openmindedness (or greed, whichever! ;))

  7. Mitchie says

    First time I have seen you in a tutorial. I am relatively new to your site, but I must say…You had me at “RG”. I love your voice and the way your personality resonates with this somewhat silly adaptation. Bravo! I love your playful sense of humor too. You have won me over!
    Forever a faithful follower. Gotta buy your book!

  8. says

    hmm at first glance I was like what the Ef? I am one of those purists you mentioned..but hey, that might make some kick ass PMS grub..all salty and gooey with cheese.. muy buen.. I might give this a go. Just don’t let my Mexican Grandmother know about it..shh~

  9. Renee says

    Wow! Who knew?!!! Totally have to try that! So easy-and we always have potato chips in the house! Yay! Thanks for sharing the video too. Really helps with the how to!

  10. says

    This is great! Potato chips — papas fritas — come in every flavor in Mexico — lime, spicy chile, garlic. I don’t know if Mexico is ready for you, Matt. :)


  11. says

    ohh yay!! chilaquiles!!! do you know how long its been since I’ve had chilaquiles?? Since I lived at my dad’s house!!

    Oh grandma. I miss you so..<3
    Thanks for the friendly flashback..
    now if I only I can get my Colombian boyfriend to be more open… =)


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