Meanwhile, over at Cooking Channel…

So we wanted to create something in the spirit of Mardi Gras for Cooking Channel’s Devour The Blog. The result is something so delicious that I just had to point you in that direction. And since I just got back from Louisiana yesterday I might just have to make another batch. With beer. Plenty of beer.

And just for kicks, we also decided to make a quick video comprised of still images. Sumthin’ like 220 or so. And there are focus issues. And the music doesn’t line up exactly. And it’s very DIY. But it’s fun! And Adam let me film his famous hands. Enjoy it and happy celebratin’!



  1. Matt says

    Actually if you read the post you’ll see that they can be called Empanadas, Turnovers, just about anything really. Thanks for reading!

  2. says

    This video makes me SO happy because I’ve always wanted to hang out with Adam in the kitchen but I can settle for this. Awesome work!

  3. says

    Cooking Channel hands down, my favorite food channel ever :) and for you to be a part of that family, makes it even fab :)

  4. says

    I have been wanting to do stop-motion videos with food for forever. This is so awesome! And if you hadn’t mentioned focus issues, I never would have noticed! It’s got such a cute old-timey feel to it that it doesn’t matter. The music’s perfect. (And, also, what a great idea for a hand pie.)

  5. jo says

    Hi Matt, loved the video – brilliant. Now you’ve got me hoping for an Adam video showing how he made his fabulous cork wreath (on your blog a few years ago) – well a girl can hope and dream…

  6. says

    Hi,this is great. You know in India we too have a similar looking dish called gujia. It is made only during Holi (Festival of colors). Give that too a try…


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