A little sumthin’ from Adam on the CB2 Blog!

Well if this doesn’t make me smile from ear to ear then nothing will! Today my extraordinary husband and food stylist Adam Pearson makes an appearance on the CB2 Blog and it’s a fantastic interview!

When Adam mentioned that he’d be working with CB2 in January I was thrilled. As a fan of their stores and decor (that’s me on top of a few of their tables at home which I got in trouble for, thanks Adam), I knew the Adam + CB2 pairing would be a match made in heaven. Modern and affordable furniture, beautiful photography, brighty happy stores…I do love all things CB2. His contribution as food stylist was an outdoor Mexican fiesta for 12 guests and his recipes will be featured on their blog over the next few weeks.

Make sure to visit their blog and read the interview with Adam! Thank you, CB2!

Follow CB2 and Adam on twitter if you’d like!


  1. says

    Great photos, interview and spread — can’t wait to try the recipes! Stylists really make or break the catalogs these days; so glad to Adam’s getting the recognition he deserves. Congrats to both of you!

  2. LeBoulevardier says

    Not so sexy on the table. Looking like a beached pygmy whale, blubbery but maybe tasty.

  3. says

    How great is this?! You both look soooo great and I squinted and read the piece that’s embedded in your post, but will go out to read the whole thing without the wrinkle-inducing squints now.

    I love your table pose! You just might have launched a new career! CB2 Table Model.


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