Hey Food Friends! Want a review copy of my new book?

Well it seems just like yesterday that I was sticking stuff on sticks and making photos of them! It sure does! But now that it’s here — well, almost here — I’d like to extend a very special offer to you, my food blogging friends. Would you like a review copy of On A Stick!, my new cookbook? What? Stuff on a stick? Yes, you say? Please say yes. Because I would really love you to have a copy,  it’d make me really really really really really happy.

So, this book. Well, it makes me smile. It’s all about food on a stick and I had the best time working with Adam, Jenny and an assorted cast of characters in bringing you a book filled with some of my favorite things as well as state fair staples, some deep-fried goodies as well as some quick and easy things for everyone. It’s not all fried stuff (even though I would have been happy making a book called Fried Stuff On A Stick a/k/a Watch Matt Work Suspenders Like Nobody’s Business a/k/a The Ever Expanding Matt or just plain Hi, My Name Is Fat).

The day my advance copy of the book arrived made me muy muy muy happy.

While I’m on the subject of words, remind me to hug the copywriter at my publisher Quirk for saying “gleefully lowbrow treats”.  No, really, you make it sound respectable and I love you for that. I really do.

So, what’s inside On A Stick!? 80 recipes for party food, street-cart food, some real personal favorites of mine like Vietnamese Bo La Lot as well as moments where I really tested the limits of what could be put on sticks. And you know what I discovered? Things seem to taste better on a stick, and like I say in my book, you’ve got a built-in fun factor. You gotta love that.

And of course there’s the photography, something I hold quite dear. I wasn’t going to create a book unless it offered a visual bang and I hope that’s what I accomplished. Of course I can’t take credit for the photos, I had two amazing food stylists making beautiful food, all the while yelling “QUIT TWEETING, THERE IS FOOD ON SET” and “WE ARE NOT GOING TO REMAKE IT IF YOU MISS YOUR SHOT. TURN OFF STACEY Q AND QUIT DANCING AROUND THE STUDIO AND PAY ATTENTION.”

Anyway, I’d love you to be one of the first to have your own copy of On A Stick! My mother hasn’t even seen the book yet. That’s heavy.

Of course I have one copy at home sent to me hot off the presses (see exclusive pre-TMZ photo above) , but you wouldn’t believe who decided to have their own reading just last week.


That’s Moxie, Cho and Bindi, our dogs. I totally missed their Tuesday Yoga For Beginners Class followed by an On A Stick! book reading, I do hope they forgive me. And return my yoga mat free of Chihuahua hair.

So to get your own review copy, here’s what you can do:

  1. Email Eric Smith at: eric AT quirkbooks DOT COM. Send him your blog name, the URL and your name. He’s nice. Very nice. You’ll like him, I promise.
  2. Post a review of the book on your blog anytime during the months of April and May.
  3. Please link to the On A Stick! Amazon page, to Quirk Book’s website and to me, yours truly at mattbites.com.


That’s it! I do hope you like the book and I do hope you don’t blame me for eating too many Page 142’s*. Lord knows I sure did.

Please note that there are a limited number of books available for review so make sure you email Mr. Eric as soon as you can!

* Well you’ll just have to get a copy of the book now, won’t you?












  1. says

    Thank you, Matt, for the awesome opportunity! I just emailed Eric.

    I also bought a few of the food styling books you’ve recommended and one of them came from Amazon a couple days ago. Pink and white book, just called Food Styling. Fun to look through.

    Will be even more fun to look through your book. CONGRATS!!!

  2. says

    Of course I’d love to have a copy of your new book! Well, I will anyway because I am definitely going to buy it…but I also emailed Eric!

    Congrats to you and Adam for the great work!

    Can I write to Eric in your mother’s name, too? 😉 I’m sure she’s so excited and can’t wait to see it….she must be so proud of you!

  3. says

    Congratulations! I got the email from Eric earlier today and jumped on the chance, I am stoked to get to review a fellow blogger’s book!

  4. says

    Hello Matt, Congratulations on this book. I bet there are some pretty amazing food photos in this book. I am sure new food photographers can learn a lot from observing these food photos.

    This is great! Congratulations once again.

  5. says

    Hi Matt,

    Congratulations on the book! I can’t wait to see the recipes. We all need more fun in our lives, so I am all about serving food on a stick! BTW, I think your mom needs to see the first copy. :)


  6. says

    What fun! I sent off to Eric and can’t wait. You don’t have to twist my arm to read and review a book on party food! I just had a quinoa salad tonight. Can you put that on a stick?

  7. says

    Congratulations on your new book Matt. What a great subject. I just heard from Eric that I get a copy to review it. I am so excited! Thank you. Let’s see if my cats like it as much as your cute puppies 😉

  8. says

    Exciting! Congrats on the new book! A friend of mine once had a party that was themed… get ready… food on a stick! She had a heck of a time thinking up enough foods that could be put on a stick. She could’ve used your book then, and I think I will copy her party idea soon, only now that I’ve asked Eric for your book, it will be easy to find recipes that will be a hit!

  9. says

    Ohhhhhhh, how cool is that! The yoga pups and the coolio book. I just sent in a request to Eric for the book, and I’m crossing my fingers to hear back!

  10. Renee says

    So awesome! Congratulations on your book!!!! Super exciting! We can’t wait to read it! We emailed Eric, but regardless, it’s on our “must have” list. (Now, if we could get an autographed copy….) 😉 (hurrah!!!)

  11. says

    Congratulations, what joy it must bring you to have your book printed and how nice of you to share it with your dogs. Look forward to using your recipes for upcoming summer parties, thank you.
    Best regards, Barbara

  12. says

    This looks like fun! If this book is anything like you, I’m guessing it will be hilarious. Can’t wait to read it. :)

  13. says

    Can’t wait to see your book and make things on a stick! BIG GIANT CONGRATS!! And thanks for the opportunity of a review copy. Big fun!

  14. says

    Can’t wait to see this book… Emailed Eric and hope I’m not too late to get a copy! I’m sure it will be amazing! Can’t wait to make some of your goodies for my graduation party :)

  15. says

    I emailed you this morning without realizing you had posted this. Silly me 😉 Sounds like I need some food on a stick. Any way I can get some smiles, excitement & great food count me in!! I just emailed Erik, i’ll keep my sticks crossed that he has an extra copy for moi. xo
    Congrats on all this cool stuff.

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